Death of Bayside Resort;

Rebirth as Beardance Village Condos 

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I grew up next to Bayside, a lovely log cabin resort.  The family who lived there  were like my second family.  Please visit:  Brief History of Bayside for more on Bayside's history.

In 2005, the resort (then known as Beardance B&B) was closed, and all buildings were moved away in 2005-06.  In December, 2006, its rebirth as a condo development was begun.  I chronicle here this history in photos.

House Interior (Dec, 05)

Cabins & Grounds (Dec, 05)

Demolition (Dec, 05)

Goodbye Cabin 4 (Jan, 06)

Goodbye Cabins 1 - 3 (Jan, 06)

Main House:  Deck Removed (Apr, 06);  Flying Roof (Apr, 06)

Final Move (May, 06)


Cold Rebirth (Dec 30, 06)

Foundation (Feb, 07)

Condos Underway (Sep, 07)

Elevation and Site drawings from Riverbend Realty website.



Door of Welcome

Winter Serenity

Flying Roof

Chimney Shrine