Hormone Imbalance – II: Links to Videos

By Catherine M. Haug, November 2015; updated and moved April 2021

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Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo’s e-books and videos

Dr Loscalzo has a series of ebooks and videos about hormone imbalances and how they affect your health. These interest me because these hormones (thyroid, insulin, leptin, cortisol and adrenalin) play a roll in insulin resistance and related disorders.


Recipes in 13-page e-book:  Hormone Balancing Elixers that Work Like Magic (with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo) (1)  

“Bye-Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog and Burnout Series”

Her links to videos and related e-books in her “Bye-Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog and Burnout Series”:

  1. The 12-Hour Break that Burns Away Belly Fat and Accelerates Healing: e-book (2) and video (3). 
  2. How to Avoid the Risks of Excess Belly Fat: e-book (4) and video (5)
  3. The Sabotaging Effects of Hormone Imbalance: video (6) in which she discusses specific hormones: thyroid, insulin, leptin, adrenaline and cortisol
  4. The Magic of Burst Training (and Myths about Diet and Exercise): e-book (7) and video (8) This step is all about eating the right fats, and doing 30-second bursts of exercise to the point of panting, to stimulate growth hormone and regulate blood sugar/insulin levels, 4 times a day.
  5. The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep: Hormone Balance, Fat Burning, Detoxification, Protection from Serious diseases; e-book (9) and video (10). Topic: Poor sleep puts your hormones out of balance, so that what is supposed to happen during sleep doesn’t happen. These hormones are: Insulin/glucagon, Cortisol/DHEA, Growth hormone, Leptin/ghrelin, Melatonin, Estrogen/Progesterone, and Testosterone. Includes herbs & supplements to help with sleep.
  6. Webinar & Recipe Guide: Fit, Focused and Full of Energy (an 8-page ebook); downloaded pdf: (11) 

“B4 Be Gone” Program:

Dr. Loscalzo’s B4 Be Gone program to reverse insulin resistance and restore proper hormone balance: see reference (12). There is a financial cost to this 30-day program. I have not signed up for the program so cannot  give it a thumbs up or down. 

Additionally, her shows are archived to iTunes and can be downloaded to a portable device. Go to iTunes and look up “Vibrant Health Solutions”. Follow it to be notified about new shows as we add to the archives. 


She also provides recipes for elixers (a type of smoothie loaded with hormone-balancing herbs, seeds and other plant ingredients). The following are printable pdfs; however, there may be a problem downloading them…:

  • Hormone-Balancing (Endless Energy) Elixirs for Adrenal fatigue (13)
  • Anti-Inflam Food-Recipes.pdf (14)
  • Greens-YourKeytoVibrantHealth.pdf (15)
  • Immune Enhancing-RecipeGuide.pdf (16)
  • INE-HomemadeHormoneBalancingElixirsThatWorkLikeMagic-Recipes.pdf (17)

Links, References:

Note: these links are not secure

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  2. ebook #1: s3.amazonaws.com/drritamarie/materials/DrRitamarie/DrRitamarie-The12HourBreak-HowToStopEatingBeforeBed.pdf 
  3. video #1:  drritamarie.clickfunnels.com/delivery-12hrbreakthatburnsbellyfat
  4. ebook #2: drritamarie.s3.amazonaws.com/materials/DrRitamarie/DrRitamarie-HowToAvoidTheRisksOfExcessBellyFat.pdf
  5. video#2: drritamarie.com/vibrant/avoidexcessbellyfatdownload (no ebook #3)
  6. video #3: drritamarie.com/vibrant/sabotagingeffectsimbalancedhormones
  7. ebook #4: s3.amazonaws.com/drritamarie/materials/DrRitamarie/DrRitamarie-TheMagicOfBurstTraining.pdf
  8. video #4: drritamarie.clickfunnels.com/delivery-themagicofbursttraining.
  9. ebook #5: drritamarie.s3.amazonaws.com/materials/DrRitamarie/DrRitamarie-BurnBellyFatWhileYouSleep.pdf; 
  10. video #5: drritamarie.clickfunnels.com/delivery-burnbellyfatwhileyousleep.
  11. Burn Belly Fat While You Sleep (pdf): drritamarie.s3.amazonaws.com/materials/DrRitamarie/DrRitamarie-BurnBellyFatWhileYouSleep.pdf
  12. B4 Be Gone: drritamarie.com/vibrant/b4begone/
  13. Hormone-Balancing (Endless Energy) Elixirs < no longer valid
  14. Anti-Inflam Food-Recipes.pdf
  15. Greens-YourKeytoVibrantHealth.pdf
  16. Immune Enhancing-RecipeGuide.pdf
  17. INE-HomemadeHormoneBalancingElixirsThatWorkLikeMagic-Recipes.pdf

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