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BioSil and PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin for heavy metal detox

By Cat, originally Feb 2019; moved and updated here, Jan 2021 I’ve moved this from my original article Detox from Heavy Metals, because I plan to try this in the new year (2021), and will likely add to it.  It … Continue reading

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Chlorella & Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox Protocols

By Cat, Feb 2019; updated Mar and June 2020 (moved from Detox from Toxic Heavy Metals); image, right, from Wikimedia Commons I continue to try new protocols for my mercury toxicity, but so far, this protocol is my favorite. How … Continue reading

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Detox Diet Considerations

by Catherine M. Haug,  July 2007; updated Feb 2017; Apr 2019 There are many foods that can aid the elimination of heavy metals, or help detox from the effects of heavy metal toxicity.  There are other foods that should be … Continue reading

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Detox (About), including several detox methods

By Cat, Feb 2019 Detox (detoxification) is “the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.” (11) The main detox agent in our bodies is glutathione, … Continue reading

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How to detox glyphosate (Roundup) from your body

By Cat, Feb 4, 2019; updated Feb 8, 2019, Dec 29, 2019 (image from Organic Consumer’s Association, used with permission) I am strongly opposed to use of the plant-killer glyphosate, because of the harm it does to our bodies from … Continue reading

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