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Chicken Paprikash, Oven-Roasted

By Cat, Feb 12, 2020 (image, right, from Wikipedia) I love trying new dishes, especially ones of foreign origin. This wonderful dish comes from Hungary. Typically the dish is casserole-like, with a savory and spicy sauce (similar to goulash) accompanied … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup, from Scratch

By Cat, Nov 2008 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) I grew up with Campbell’s canned soups for lunch, and chicken noodle was my favorite. (Dad sometimes made soup from scratch for dinner, but that was not very frequent). When I … Continue reading

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Beef Stroganoff

by Cat, Feb 2008 (Photo, right, from Red Standard.org (4)) See also: 1. Beef, Buffalo, Venison, Yak Menu; 2. Classic Beef Stroganoff (Fine Cooking.com (3)) I first heard of Beef Stroganoff back in the time of the great Cold War; eating something Russian seemed … Continue reading

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Soba Noodles

by Cat, Nov 2011 See also: Buckwheat & Kasha (About); Sprouting buckwheat; Kasha pilaf; Buckwheat crêpes (Gallettes de Sarrasin) So far, just collecting recipes and instructions for making soba noodles. Most of these recipes include a bit of wheat flour along with the buckwheat … Continue reading

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