Vegetable Curry Soup (Raw or with lightly-braised vegetables)

Revel spice grinder

Revel spice grinder

by Cat, Jan 10, 2015 (photo, right or Revel-brand spice grinder, from Amazon)

The salt-bruising technique (plus the added coconut oil) is used to make the nutrients in the veggie greens more available. I find this an interesting raw way to mimic what happens when the greens are braised (sautéed in fat or oil, then steamed in added water or broth). I’ve not yet tried this recipe, but plan to do so the next time I do a juice fast – for breaking the fast.

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Vegetable Curry Soup (Raw or with lightly-braised vegetables)

This raw soup ischock-full of anti-inflammatory ingredients is excellent for a break-the fast evening meal, or any time you want a warm curry soup. I’ve adapted the recipe from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo’s “Eat your Way out of Pain: Anti-inflammatory Food Charts and Recipe Sampler” article. (1)

The veggies are not cooked, but rather ‘salt-bruised’ to break down the cell walls and release the nutrients hidden inside the cells.

Alternately, you can lightly braise the diced veggies: sauté lightly in hot olive or coconut oil, then add water, cover with lid and let steam for 1 – 2 minutes. Braising makes the minerals more bio-available, but may disturb some of the anti-inflammatory nutrients; and of course, it is no longer an all-raw soup.

Coconut butter is made from dried, shredded, unsweetened coconut (see TheKitchn (2) for instructions, if you cannot find it at your local grocer. Substituting with coconut oil or coconut milk will not yield the same result. Another option is to use raw or lacto-fermented dairy butter.

The original recipe did not indicate how many servings this makes, and to some extend, it depends on the amount of diced veggies you use. I’ve not yet tried this but my guess is it makes at least 2 servings.

Ingredients & Equipment


  1. Place diced vegetables in a large bowl. Sprinkle with salt and massage well until the vegetables begin to wilt and reduce in size. This process breaks down the cell walls and makes the vegetables not only more digestible, but tastier and more tender as well.
  2. Blend all ingredients except chopped vegetables to make soup base. Adjust seasonings to desired level of spiciness.
  3. Pour base over vegetables and serve.


  1. Eat your Way out of Pain: Anti-inflammatory Food Charts and Recipe Sampler,” by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. [I got this guide when I signed up for one of her seminars. I do not have a link to the guide]
  2. The Kitchn on coconut butter:

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