Misc Household Info


  1. My antique upright piano had been in storage in Portland OR since 2008, waiting until my Montana home remodel is complete, which would make room for it in what is currently my kitchen. But I finally decided to move it Montana in 2018. I had to get rid of 2 book cases and limit my desk space to make room for it, until I can complete a remodel. (I had looked into selling rather than moving it, but Portland Piano would not take it on consignment because, like other antique uprights, it currently has no value).

  2. The photo, below left, is from its former home in my Portland Victorian house.

  3. It’s dimensions are: 52” tall, 27” deep, and 57.5” long.
  4. Weight about 450 - 500 lb (approx)

  5. Portland Piano ID: 111742

  6. Dan Sonnabend moved it to my house (subcontractor for Walter Piano Transport), and then Don Miller of Don & Curt Tuning Service replaced a few parts and tuned it in its new location.

Cordless phones

  1. Panasonic base for expandable system; Model KX-TG6512B DECT 6.0 Plus; and 2 KX-TGA652 handsets; purchased Amazon 8/3/15. Manual and warranty lost

  2. Panasonic Model KX-TGA651 additional cordless handset purchased separately; purchased Amazon 8/8/15 (for use in basement). Manual and warranty on BR Dresser, for small appliances


Cordless Phone

  1. Panasonic (handset phone model no. KX-TGA652): Ni-MH Rechargeable battery, AAA, 1.2 volt, Amazon ASIN B001ID49BO (2-pack) or ASIN B01M66JHJA (4-pack).  Do not use for model TGA651 in basement; see below instead.

  2. Panasonic handset phone model no. KX-TGA651) used in basement: Ni-MH Rechargeable battery, AAA, 1.2 volt, Amazon ASIN B0062AZIFE (2-pack)

  3. Uniden Replacement BT-905 cordless phone battery from Amazon (BG0001), 3.5V 600mAh Ni-Cd; My phone is model # EX17246; original battery: BT-905 I no longer use this phone

  4. GE: ‘Fenzer Rechargeable Cordless Phone Battery for GE 25838GE3-A 25839GE3-A 25839GE3-B Cordless Telephone Battery Replacement Pack’ (BG0010), 3.5V 600mAh Ni-Cd; My phone is model No. 25839GE3-C; Original battery: Sanik 35N-AA80-S-J1 (or 60-S-J1 ?); Available at Amazon. I bought 1 spare for basement phone, stored in battery box. I no longer use this phone

Cell Phone

Duster (Lambert Lambswool with extension pole)

  1. Purchased Jan 2017 from Amazon; copyright 2014 Ettore Products Company, 2100 North Loop Rd, Alameda, CA 94502; 800-4-ETTORE; www.ettore.com

  2. Detachable head (detachable from pole); unscrew by turning counter-clockwise

  3. Adjust extension pole: Turn right to loosen, pull to extend; turn left to tighten.

  4. Cleaning: Swirl head in warm sudsy water, rinse, and allow to air dry.

  5. Storage: Hang from handle, keeping bristles off the floor and out of direct sunlight. Leaning anything against bristles may cause them to flatten.

Kitty Litter Mats (Care of)

  1. I’ve been trying out different kinds of litter mats to keep the stuff that gets in their paws from being tracked all over the house. Each has different instructions for care.

  2. Kitty-Centric non-toxic PVC gray mat

  3. This is a large size mat with non-slip backing (Photo from Amazon.com)

  4. For light cleaning days, simply use your hand-held vacuum attachment to suck up debris with ease. Due to the no-slip gripping nature of the underside of the mat, you don't have to worry about it sliding around as you do so.

  5. My upright Vacuum tends to tear mat near edges. USE HAND-HELD ATTACHMENT.

  6. On days when a little extra cleaning is required, allow the mat to soak upside down in soapy water, rinse it and then lay on a flat surface with a towel under it to dry.

  7. Pet Magasin
    set of 2 light gold mats
  8. This is a set of 2 mats, small & medium (Photo from Amazon.com)

  9. Larger: 24.5'' x 16.5''; smaller: 15.5'' x 12.5''. Made of PVC but doesn’t indicate non-toxic.

  10. Easy-to-clean litter mat - rinse with cold water to get rid of the liquid on it; Litter trapper on the mat makes it very easy to clean the mess.

  11. 2-year warranty

  12. Earthly Grooves, Eco-Friendly Black Mat

  13. Large black mat with grooves running the length of the mat (Photo from Amazon.com)

  14. This is the first one I tried, and the best of the batch except it doesn’t blend in with my decor. I am currently using it, not as a kitty litter mat, but by my back door to trap things I bring in from outdoors (fir needles, etc.).

  15. Liquids do not pass through this mat to your flooring.

  16. Made of recycled rubber tires, it can easily be vacuumed, wiped, rinsed or hosed off. This mat works well with older cats with bladder issues by literally catching everything (liquids or solids)! All you have to do is take it out and rinse it. NO Smells and No Stains. However, lift the short ends (grooved ends) first to keep liquids from sliding off the mat.

  17. Alternate use: near door to catch debris, moisture on soles of shoes.

  18. Dry Mate Mat by Miles Kimball

  19. Medium reddish brown flat mat with kitty paws design (Photo from Amazon.com)

  20. Cute, but not big enough for the main box. 20” x 28”. Also tends to slide on floor

  21. Made from over 50% recycled fiber and proudly made in the USA. Patented Zorb-Tech anti-flow technology stops messes from soaking through & damaging floor.

  22. Machine- or hand-washable: wash in warm water, separately. No bleach. Hang to dry.