Cat’s Sewing Gallery:

Coats & Jackets


Ikat Coat

This long coat is made from cotton Afghani shawls of ikat weave for the front, back and sleeve panels. Side panels and striped band are made from handwoven cotton.

The lining is China silk with embroidered ribbon near the inside hem. Dupioni silk is used for the back facing and also for trapunto-quilted medallions near the hem at each side. The button is an antique, handmade of wood.

I modified Folkwear’s Turkish Coat #106 pattern (Folkwear image, right) for this stunning project, back in 1990‘s.

Upholstery Jacket

I fashioned this silk jacket from silk upholstery fabric for the body of the coat, and fine black wool for the lapels, collar, and cuffs. The bound buttonholes and back facing are lightweight black linen. The lining is China silk, and the buttons are black wood.

(Originally, the lapels, collar and cuffs were lightweight black linen, the same as used for the bound buttonholes, but it started to rot so I replaced it with wool. Unfortunately, I could not replace the bound buttonholes, and opted not to replace the back facing.)

The design has princess panels on front and back that curve to become dolman sleeves; side panels complete the outer garment.


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