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  1. Deficiency Symptoms seen in eyes, hair, nails, mouth and skin.

  2. Magnesium Chloride for Health & Rejuvenation

  3. Boron/borax for arthritis, osteoporosis and calcium-magnesium metabolism

  4. (or see borax_WalterLast.webarchive)

My notes:

Internal Cleanse:

Internal Cleansing


Intestinal Cleanse Part 1:


Intestinal Cleanse Part 2:

Probiotic Restoration

Systemic Anti-Microbial Cleanse

Anti-Microbial Cleanse Part 1:

Lugol's Solution

Anti-Microbial Cleanse Part 2:

MMS-Purified Water

Detox Support

Alternative Cleanse:

7-Day Veggie-Juice Fast

Dietary Considerations:

What to Eat During

the Cleanse and Recovery

Live Culture or Ferment Recipes

(from Walter Last)

Food Groups

Minerals and

Acid-Alkaline Balancing

Acid-Alkaline Balance

(to be reorganized)

Balancing an Acid System

Balancing an Alkaline System

Boron (Borax) Health Benefits

Calcium - Phosphorous Ratio

Dietary Calcium & Supplementation

Calcium Metabolism (Homeostasis)

See also Food Combining Chart and Acid/Alkaline-Forming Foods

Diet by Metabolic Type

Determining Metabolic Type

S-Type and Slow Oxidizers

P-Type and Fast Oxidizers

Sub Oxidizers

Sensitivity Regulation


Calcium-Metabolism (see Boron above; under construction)

Fats & Lipase, Part 1

Fats & Lipase, Part 2:  Lipase Issues

Fat & Carbohydrate Metabolism

Abnormal Metabolism of

Fats & Carbohydrates

Protein Metabolism

under construction

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Detox Diet

Diet For Health

WEC’s 5 - 7 Day Veggie Juice Fast

Whole Foods

I am not a doctor and am not qualified to advise you on your specific health situation.  My intent in writing these articles is merely to raise awareness and express opinion.

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The articles in this section are my notes from reading

Walter Last's Health-Science-Spirit Website.

See also Complete List of Walter’s Articles

His site focuses on 2 main topics: Systemic Cleansing, including acid/alkaline balancing; and Metabolism, including metabolic typing as it relates to diet.