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I've been blogging since May of 2006.  My entries are not frequent, as I write only when I have something to say.  I post about local planning and environmental issues, health topics, memories, and music.  I also blogged about my trip to Norway in the fall of 2006.  I purposely avoided commenting on the 2006 election -- there was enough comment on the air waves and TV news.

Also check out my Song of the Week Podcast.  It doesn't get updated every week, unfortunately, and you cannot play the tunes I mention because I don’t have copyright permission. So one of these days I’ll move the entries to my blog.

Here's the link for Cat's Blog, to read individual entries in the archive. My 2006 trip to Norway begins with arrival in Sweden (to pick up my new Volvo).

Nerdy Charlie, my boy-cat

That's me in angel costume