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NOTE: all my recipes from my old site have now been moved to my new Wordpress blog.

This recipe collection started as a way for me to access my recipe collection from my homes in Oregon and Montana. I no longer have a residence in Oregon, and my recipe collection has greatly expanded over the years.

I hope you enjoy my Wordpress blog; let me know if you find any errors or wish to tell me about your experience with specific recipes.

About testing of the recipes:

  1. Some of the recipes I’ve collected have not yet been tested by me; I indicate these as ‘not yet tested’. If you test them, let me know how it turned out!

  2. Other recently acquired recipes have been tested shortly after adding them to this blog; my testing results are included with the recipe.

  3. Still others have been made many times over the years, long before I started the blog, so do not include testing results.


Cat's dining table

That's me, age 11, with a birthday cake I'd just made for Mom's 40th birthday.

This is now my kitchen.

Use “cmhaug4 (at) earthlink (dot) net” if you wish to communicate with me (address disguised for security).