My Favorite Links

If you're like me and do a lot of searching on the internet, you find certain web pages that you return to time and again.  Here are a few of my favorite links:

Art, Music and Entertainment

  1. Amazing Music Machine (Windows Media Video file, 3.6 MB):  is it real, or animated?

  2. Boogie Woogie & Blues Piano, by Silvan Zingg (Switzerland):

  3. Silvan's Night Train Trip (piano blues on You Tube)

  4. Real Boogie Woogie: Piano & dancers; wmv file, 8.2 MB

  5. Fiddle Finals: Amazing Duet (Windows Media Video file, 3.8 MB)

  6. Flathead Events:  calendar of events around the Flathead.

  7. Folkways Smithsonian:  recordings and more.

  8. Gary Ewing Visuals:  Gary was a major figure in Hippie Portland of the 1960s-70s, performing light shows, creating posters and other art.  He died in 2008, but his legacy lives on.

  9. Katharina Hirsh: “aMUSEd,” new recordings and more on YouTube: (NOTE: the link also brings up videos and recordings by others who meet the “katharina.h” query).

  10. Rounders & Friends:

  11. Rounders story on Holy Modal Rounders:  Oddly Influential Folk

  12. Freak Mountain Ramblers:  A Portland band with a long tradition reaching back to the Holy Modal Rounders from the 1960s

  13. Greggory Stockert on YouTube:  Portland artist, musician and friend from my days following the Holy Modal Rounders. See also Pearl of a Girl.

  14. Jeffrey Frederick:  Another part of that Holy Modal Rounders tradition.  Although Jeffrey has left this earth, his wife Katherine, maintains this web site. See also Jeffrey Frederick & Clams videos: Third Floor Judy; Whiskey Willy and Debbie Delight (Sugar on the Rim) featuring Greggory Stockert on accordion.

  15. Michael Hurley (aka Snock):  Yet another part of the Holy Modal Rounders tradition.  Michael hails from Vermont, but makes an annual trek across the US of A to visit friends on the west coast.  Read about Michael at Wikipedia.

  16. Human Slinky (a video at

  17. Jon Layne:  website of photos and art

  18. Stick Shed Studio: blog by Kev Layne, on weaving, nature and travels

  19. MW Lindenmeyer's Dogbone Art:  Michael is a dear friend and talented artist from the Portland area.  I own several of his pieces.

  20. Maukie:  a Black and White cat who plays with your mouse and even purrs.  See also Maukie's Home Page.

  21. Maru the Cat videos on YouTube:

  22. My fav (prepare to laugh yourself silly): I am Maru - 2.  Also I am Maru - 3 and Maru’s YouTube channel

  23. MTPR (Montana Public Radio) and Montana PBS (TV)

  24. OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting):  Public TV and Radio; Streaming OPB Audio from Portland you can listen to on your computer.

  25. Piano chord finder:  A virtual keyboard

  26. Public Radio Music Source:  recordings and more

  27. The Story of Stuff (video): Where stuff comes from, where it goes, and what we can do.

  28. YouTube to iTunes:  see  Can convert to video file or just an mp3 file, and it's free.  Just paste the url for the YouTube item into the space on the web page, select desired format, and it does the rest.


Food & Health

  1. Anti-Aging Medicine:  a site on combating diseases of aging

  2. Cancer:  see Cancer Links on this site

  3. Canning info: 

  4. Culinary Cafe Caning Guide

  5. MSU Extension Service Canning Guide

  6. Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet

  7. USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

  8. Cholesterol and Health:  Chris Masterjohn on The Cholesterol Myth & other health issues.

  9. Latest newsletter:  Cholesterol Times #14:  The True Cause of Heart Disease

  10. Back Issues of newsletter

  11. The Daily Lipid - Cholesterol Blog

  12. Codex:  video, Health Freedom USA, citizens petition text; sign the petition (scroll down)

  13. CREMA: (

  14. Earthbound Farms (Organic) Recipe Archive (you select the organic ingredient and it displays a selection of recipes).

  15. Dr. Steve's podcast on health issues. (no longer valid link)

  16. Fermented Foods:  good explanation, recipes and more; from Delicious Organics

  17. First Aid:  10 common mistakes and how to avoid them, from Newsweek.  See also Dr Mercola for more on this.

  18. Food Pyramid (from USDA); see also Cat's Food Pyramid (my better version)

  19. Green Med Where Evidence is Sprouting Up. Provides access to biomedical research and commentary on therapeutic value of natural substances.

  20. Infrared Thermographic Mammography (see Cancer Links on this site)

  21. Medicinal Food News (I don't agree with all these articles, but there is some good info).  for example: Yogurt - A Milk Product with More is accurate and informative.  However, Butter vs Margarine is oversimplified concerning natural vs hydrogenated trans fats, and thus makes an unjustified conclusion.

  22. Mercury Fillings:  Toxic Gas

  23. Mike's Calorie and Fat Gram Chart (based on USDA info)

  24. Milk:  What It Is, What's in it; different types of heat treatment and how it affects culturing and cheesemaking (

  25. Nutrition Education Project:  David Brown's blog on nutrition, from Kalispell MT

  26. Price-Pottenger Foundation:  List of Articles

  27. Rami Nagel's Heal Your Teeth:  A site on dental healing

  28. Rami Nagel's Your Return:  A site on health and healing

  29. Real Milk:  A campaign to legalize the sale of raw, real milk

  30. Rebuild From Depression:  healthful ways to recover from depression or ill health.  Sign up for free into at e-Books, blog, and e-Courses.

  31. Replenish PDX (Functional & Holistic Medicine)

  32. Slow Food, Slow Schools (Alice Waters' work)

  33. Square Foot Gardening (check out Mel's Column)

  34. Supermarket Secrets (videos): Part 1  &  Part 2 (from England, but pertinent to USA)

  35. Tweeton Media:  Authentic Greek recipes

  36. Weston A. Price Foundation:  My 'bible' for information on health & nutrition.

  37. Women to Women:  A clinic on the east coast, with excellent articles on women's health


  1. Bayer Pesticide Causes Mass Death of Honey Bees

  2. Bigfork MT statistics (by zip code)

  3. Swallowtail Farms CSA Schedule, 2008

  4. Plastic Bags:  Say NO to plastic bags (slide show);  Local vs Organic (my article)

Cancer Treatment & Prevention

  1. Moved to Cancer Links on this site. 

Sustainability & Re-localization

  1. See The EssentiaList Blog (previously moved to ESP Links (Essential Stuff Project) on this site0.

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