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  3. Around Bigfork

  4. Cat’s Retreat (Bigfork Home)

  5. House Ideas for remodel of Cat’s Retreat

  6. Elegant Flat (Former Portland victorian apartment)

  7. Victorian Lady (Former beloved Portland home)

  8. Charlie Cat

  9. Rosie Cat, In Memorium

  10. Al’s Bar (My Dad’s bar, 1950 - 1964)

  11. Bayside:  death and rebirth

  12. Scandinavian Trip, 2006

  13. My Family (Historic and Old Photos)

  14. Memoir Photo Gallery (Old Bigfork B&Ws; requires login)

  15. Old Bigfork (Includes old photos of Bigfork, Paces To The Past walking tour, and some information about native trees)

  16. Haug Emigration (This includes selected excerpts from Our Haugs in America)


Wild Mile of the Swan River, Bigfork MT

from ‘Around Bigfork’ photo gallery