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About Me

Short biography, interests, and photo.

Cat’s Kitchen Recipe Blog (New Wordpress blog, 9/2/16)

  1. Direct link:  catsfork.com/CatsKitchen.

  2. All my recipes have been moved from the old Cat’s Kitchen site.

Photo Galleries (see also photo links to the right):

  1. Misc. Albums

  2. Around Bigfork

  3. Cat’s Retreat (Bigfork Home)

  4. House Ideas for remodel of Cat’s Retreat

  5. Elegant Flat (Former Portland victorian apartment)

  6. Victorian Lady (Former beloved Portland home)

  7. Charlie Cat

  8. Rosie Cat, In Memorium

  9. Al’s Bar (My Dad’s bar, 1950 - 1964)

  10. Bayside (Menu of albums):  death and rebirth

  11. Scandinavian Trip, 2006 (Menu of albums)

  12. My Family (Historic and Old Photos, 3 generations of Danes and Norsks)

  13. Memoir Photo Gallery (Old Bigfork B&Ws; requires login) Temporarily not available

  14. Old Bigfork (Menu of albums) (Includes old photos of Bigfork, Paces To The Past walking tour, and some information about native trees)

  15. Haug Emigration (Menu of albums) (This includes selected excerpts from Our Haugs in America)

Memoir Temporarily not available

  1. My story of growing up in Bigfork and Al’s Bar.  This is a project in progress; new chapters are added from time to time.  Login is required, so if you are interested, send me an email for the info. This site has not yet been converted to my new domain name (catsfork.com)

Cat’s Projects & Crafts

  1. These links now go to intended site, after eliminating “www” in links:

  2. Cat’s Sewing & Crafts (iWeb-style link) goes to: https://catsfork.com/CatsProjects-Crafts/SewingCraftsMenu.html.

  3. I’ve been sewing garments for myself, my dolls, and friends since I was 7, and now I’m learning how to draft patterns for my own designs. I also enjoy crafts such as knitting and lace-making, papier mache and furniture design. These pages document my projects.

  4. Cat’s House Projects: (iWeb-style link) goes to: https://catsfork.com/CatsProjects-Crafts/ProjectsMenu.html

  5. These are projects to improve my residence.

Cat’s Misc. Household Info

Appliance batteries, Kitty Litter Mat cleaning instructions and more.

Cat’s Song of the Week Archive (a Podcast)

The idea of this Podcast is to share with you a song that has made an impact on my lif, or that highlights a subject of concern during the past week (although I may not always update it weekly).

Cat’s Blog

Not-so-frequent thoughts, insights, rants; and occasional interesting stuff (like my 2006 Scandinavian Tour)

Cat’s Garden and Root Cellar:

  1. Their content pages have been deleted, except for respective “home pages:”

  2. Cat’s Garden (https://catsfork.com/D-CatsGarden/CG-Menu.html)

  3. Root Cellar (https://catsfork.com/D-CatsRootCellar/RC-Menu.html)

My Favorite Links

A listing of music, entertainment, and health sites I visit frequently.

Health Essays

Fact and fiction regarding cholesterol, fats, Syndrome-X (Insulin Resistance), hormone imbalances, and related subjects involving the modern American diet. These are divided between the following sections:

NOTE: I am in the process of moving these to a wordpress blog -

  1. Diet & Health Menu < link for all articles moved to wordpress blog

  2. Disease & Symptoms < not yet moved

  3. Metabolism & Tissues < not yet moved

  4. Systemic Health < not yet moved

Christmas Letters:

I've removed the 2005 and 2006 letters to save disk space.  If you wish to see these letters, please send me email.

My Resume

  1. OSP Engineer, Technical Writer

  2. Research, Training

  3. Substitute Teacher, Library Assistant

  4. Send me an email, to request copy of my resume.

Copyright Protection:  All photos and stories on this website are protected by copyright.  Do not use without permission.

Use “cmhaug4 (at) earthlink (dot) net” if you wish to communicate with me (address disguised for security).


That’s me! after a good dinner with good company at Bigfork’s ShowThyme restaurant.

Cat’s Blog

Not-so-frequent thoughts, insights, rants; and occasional interesting stuff

Today, Sept 2, 2016, after three years, I finally finished moving all my Cat’s Kitchen recipes to the new blog (catsfork.com/CatsKitchen). Please explore!

Cat's Kitchen

Moving to new blog format.

On my original site:

  1. Menu of Recipes, by category

  2. Alphabetical Index

  3. Care of cast iron cookware