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That’s me! at the Raven in Woods Bay, checking out the gorgeous Flathead Lake view.

What’s New:  
I appreciate knowing if you encounter any difficulty with any of the links on my site (email me!).
I am working on getting my Catsfork.com website articles moved to Wordpress. I’m in the early stage, learning how to add subdirectories.
Oct 2020:
See a helpful article I’ve added on The EssentiaList: Be Financially Prepared for Natural Disasters, by Jesse Rigler at Edward Jones in Kalispell MT.
April 2018: 
Blog:  Over the next several months/years, I will be moving my health articles to a wordpress blog. I’ll track progress here.
June ’19: Moved to Cat’s Kitchen: Foods (About), and Diet & Health; also added new Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics 
Sept 2, 2016:
After three years, I finally finished moving all my Cat’s Kitchen recipes to the new blog (catsfork.com/CatsKitchen). Please explore! I continue to add more recipes to the new site.


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  1. Care of cast iron cookware

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Photo, above: Charlie-Cat trying to get water out of the gladiolus vase (090811). Click on the photo for more Charlie photos.