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That’s me! at the Raven in Woods Bay, checking out the gorgeous Flathead Lake view.

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I appreciate knowing if you encounter any difficulty with any of the links on my site (email me!).
I am working on getting my Catsfork.com website articles moved to Wordpress. I’m in the early stage, learning how to add subdirectories.
Oct 2020:
See a helpful article I’ve added on The EssentiaList: Be Financially Prepared for Natural Disasters, by Jesse Rigler at Edward Jones in Kalispell MT.
April 2018: 
Blog:  Over the next several months/years, I will be moving my health articles to a wordpress blog. I’ll track progress here.
June ’19: Moved to Cat’s Kitchen: Foods (About), and Diet & Health; also added new Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics 
Sept 2, 2016:
After three years, I finally finished moving all my Cat’s Kitchen recipes to the new blog (catsfork.com/CatsKitchen). Please explore! I continue to add more recipes to the new site.


Cat's Kitchen

Moved to new blog format.

I moved Care of Cast Iron and other Cookware to Cat’s Kitchen blog: Care of Cookware

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  1. Little duck dances to rhythmic music (on tiktok.com/@thicc0_0duck/video/7035716997954555137

Art & Music:

Jeffrey Frederick & Friends, at Portland’s ’93 Blue Heron Festival;

I’m dancin’ (left)

Jeffrey & Les Clams:

  1. Whiskey Willy, 1983 at LaBamba, Portland

  2. Window featuring Richard Tyler on piano

  3. More Jeffrey Frederick videos

Turtle VanDemarr & Friends:

  1. “Me Oh My” YouTube video

  2. Fly By Night Jass Band: She Done Sold It Out

Wholetones 2 Sleep Music

Upper Left Edge

M.W. Lindenmeyer: Dogbone Art

Jeanette Rehahn’s Art

Don Van Kirk’s stories

Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm (produced by Terra Brockman)

Honoring John Prine (died April 7, 2020:

Tiny Desk Home Concert: 5 tunes performed by others

John Prine - YouTube Video Channel

Angel from Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt & John Prine Duo, 2019 and four other videos


Syrian Refugee Girls Make Dolls to remind them of Home

Woman saves dog chained to a tree

Wildcat Haven: Save the Scottish Wildcat


Eat Fresh and Local: 

Flathead FarmHands;

Gress-Fed, Pasture Raised

Eat Wild.com

High Country News:

Livestock Guard Dogs

Hurtigruten Cruises, Norway Coast

Portland’s Oldest Restaurant - Huber’s - May Close Due to COVID


Medicare Made Clear-Videos)

Alternative Health:

Acupuncture (about)

Guide to Health.com:

Herbs for Health & Healing;

The Green Pharmacy

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

What is Radionics

Radionics and other energy/vibrational-based healing methods

Book: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies 3rd Edition, By Dr. Richard Gerber, MD discusses radionics, etc.

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Photo, above: Charlie-Cat trying to get water out of the gladiolus vase (090811). Click on the photo for more Charlie photos.