Cat's Retreat

This is my childhood home, and now my retirement home, in Bigfork, Montana.  My Mom designed the house and my Dad built it, with the help of his nephew, Lee Landman, in 1949-1950.  It's a typical post-war Cape Cod-style home, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, and an unattached garage.  It may be small, but its warm and cozy.

Bay Drive, with fresh winter snow.  My house is just out of the photo, on the right.

My house as viewed from the east on Bay Drive, looking across the Bayside Cabins property.  This view is no longer the same, as Bayside Cabins are gone, and new massive condo units take their place.

View of house from road, in early winter, after new front porch was built.

View of house and driveway, looking East. This was taken before the new roof and new shape to the porch roof, which is now a small gable (as in photo above)..

The NW corner of my house.  The tree in left foreground is a Douglas fir, and is known as the "pretty tree,"  a family pet.  The shrubs are mock orange, honeysuckle, and dogwood.  The short green/white foliage is known as "Snow on the Mountain" or Bishops Weed.  It is truly a weed, and takes over everything.  I had it all dug up, then the area covered with landscape cloth for 2 years to kill all the runner-roots.

My cluttered but homey kitchen and eating area, as viewed from the living room.  

The refrigerator died a few years ago while I was away in Portland for 15 months.  When I returned, there was a smelly bloody mess on the floor under and around the fridge, from thawed rotten meat in the freezer.  I cleaned up the mess, had the fridge hauled to the yard (I never opened the door), then hired someone to clean it out so the landfill would accept is as junk. 

Here’s a detail of my 1949 vintage, chrome-topped O’Keefe and Merritt gas range, with broiler on the left and oven on the right. Note the ‘griddle in the middle.’ The electric clock no longer works, darn.

Living room, as viewed from the kitchen.  You can see the top of the former wall that separated the two rooms.  All that remains now is a covered beam, part of the bearing wall.

I added the cast iron wood stove and ceiling fan during the remodel.

Dining table, with living room on the right.  I love my kitchen/dining area, I suppose because I love to cook, then eat what I've prepared.  You can check out many of my recipes on my blog:  Cat's Kitchen.


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