Fats and Oils: Smoke Point

By Cat, Jan 2018

The smoking point of fats and oils signals the temperature at which the fat/oil begins to break down; no fat should be used at a temperature above its smoking point. For example, for deep fry above 400F, ghee (clarified butter) or avocado oil are your best options; if frying below 400F, you have more options, adding coconut oil, lard, goose and duck fat in addition to ghee and avocado oil.

The chart below organizes the fats into categories, with each fat listed in order of increasing smoke point. I do not include oils that are most likely GMO (such as corn, soy and canola). You can also view the chart as a printable pdf: Smoke Point-Fats & Oils.

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Smoke Point Chart

The fats in blue are the ones I use and recommend.


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