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Humans have made and used their own personal care products and healing remedies from natural ingredients like vinegar, soap, alcohol, baking soda, olive oil, honey, herbs/spices and essential oils for eons, dating back to ancient Chinese, East-Indian, African, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, European, and Native American cultures. They would not have survived to produce the peoples who live around our globe today, had it not been for their ability to study, document and make natural remedies to heal from disease, or from snake or insect bites.

Modern pharmaceuticals are a type of sorcery; indeed, the root of the word pharmaceutical (pharmakia) means sorcery! They are concocted not to treat the root cause of diseases but rather to suppress their symptoms. Unfortunately, this suppresses our natural immune system, driving the disease deeper where it causes even more harm and more dangerous symptoms.

Homemade Personal Care Products

Most commercial personal care products such as shampoos, skin-care, toothpaste and cosmetics include toxic or questionable ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, heavy metals, and GMOs. However, it is very easy to make many personal care products devoid of toxic ingredients from natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen, or can purchase at your local herb store.

See also: Homemade Cleaning Supplies and Natural Remedies: Notes on Ingredients

Tooth Powder/Paste

Skin and Hair ideas

Natural Healing Remedies, etc.

Many people mock herbal medicine because it’s not ‘scientific’ and not invented by man (as in copyrighted). But modern man would not even be on this planet if the eons of men before us had not relied on herbal and spiritual medicine for healing. They used simple herbs, berries, barks, roots, leaves of plants, and products of other animals such as the honey from bees. Some experiments didn’t do the job and were lost to history. Others worked so well, they were passed on from generation to generation, down through the ages, and are still used today.

I include herbs and mixtures that have medicinal/healing properties, but are not necessarily used in cooking, including herbs that are toxic if ingested but have important topical healing abilities (such as arnica). I also include Essential (Fragrance) Oils.

I am not a doctor or other health care practitioner, but I am a scientist (I have BAs in Biology and Chemistry, 4 years post graduate work in Molecular Biology and Quantum Chemistry, and 2 years as a research assistant at the OHSU School of Medicine) before I became a telephone engineer. I try to keep up with published research articles and advances in natural medicine.

Included are the following categories: About, Info, Remedy/Enema Recipes, Techniques/Equipment, and Supplements.


Remedy Recipes

Enema Recipes

See also: Enema Recipes Menu on this site.

All recipes are included in a 16-page printable pdf: EnemaBasics-v2.pdf, which includes basic instructions for giving yourself an enema.

  • Easy-to-take and soothing includes: 
    • Warm Water Enema (for diarrhea)
    • Castile Soap Enemas (for constipation)
    • Salt-Soda Enema (for spring cleaning; stimulates lymph)
    • Aloe Vera Enema (for reducing bowel inflammation)
  •  Acidic or astringent (can be hard to retain) includes:
    • Apple Cider Vinegar Enema (for detox & pH balance)
    • Lemon Juice Enema (for cleansing, detox, & pH balancing)
  • Purging includes:
    • Garlic-Epsom Salt Enema (purging, as for getting rid of parasites)
  •  High Enemas includes:
    • Sweet Dairy Whey Enema (detox, minerals, pH balancing)
    • Probiotic Enema (see also Probiotic Retention Enema, below)
  • Retention Enemas includes:
    • Coffee Enema (for liver detox)
    • Chlorophyll or Wheatgrass Enema (for pH balancing, mineral)
    • Probiotic Retention Enema (Implant)



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Homemade Cleaning Supplies, Products

See: Homemade Cleaning Supplies: Notes on Ingredients (some of the ingredients discussed in this article are also used in personal care products)