Casseroles and One-dish Meals

List of Casserole and One-Dish Main Course Recipes

See also Vegetarian & BeanPasta & Rice, Savory Tarts & PiesSoups, Chowders & Stews

NOTE: I am moving recipes from my old Cat’s Kitchen site to this site, so be patient – I have many, many to move. Meanwhile, you can go to Main course: Casseroles on my old site.

Crepes, Enchiladas, Pasties, Pizzas

Curries and Other Spicy Dishes

Bean & Vegetarian Casseroles, Entrees

See also: Vegetarian & Bean Main Dish Menu

 Meaty and Other Non-vegetaran Casseroles

Pasta or Gnocchi Skillets, Casseroles

Quiche & Other Savory Tarts

Hearty Soups and Stews

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