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General Info (Other Sites):

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Preparedness, Emergency Evacuation Articles

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House & Yard Articles

Equipment & Utensils:

Gardening Tips and Timing

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  1. Raised-Bed Soil Prep:
    1. Instead of turning the soil, I just rake it a bit with a small hand rake after pulling all visible weeds.
    2. Then spread chicken manure and compost over everything. In the fall, I cover most of raised bed with leaves just before the big freeze.
    3. In early winter, I sprinkle wood-ash over areas when there is a fair covering of snow to allow slow addition to the soil (pretty much to all areas except where I planted garlic in fall).
    4. For the first 13 years, I planted several beloved veggies, garlic and herbs, but beginning with 2021, I only have the herbs in the raised bed: sage, thyme and tarragon.
  2. Raspberry-Bed Prep: I have 2 varieties of raspberries:  Boyne, and Red Latham
    1. In late-summer (Sept), I prune out the old bearing canes after all the fruit is gone.
    2. In fall (Oct), I trim next year’s bearing canes and twine them along the wire, making them ready for winter, as follows:  I twine some of the more southern canes to the north where there are fewer canes, so the south end won’t be overcrowded.
    3. Then I spread steer and/or sheep manure (or chicken manure if can’t find the other), followed with the pine needle-rich debris from cleaning my house’s gutters (that debris is lightly acidic, which my raspberries love).
  3. Fruit Tree/Bush Prep: I have 1-each: Bartlett pear, Macintosh apple, and Honeycrisp apple trees; and 1 Italian plum bush.
    • My tree-guy takes care of these, pruning them in early spring, and spraying them as needed to keep bad bugs off them.
    • When the fruits are ripe, a good friend comes to help me pick them (and she gets at least half of them). I store my share in my root cellar through the winter.
  4. Blueberries: From the beginning, I’ve wanted to add a bed of blueberries next to my raised-bed garden, but I’ve not yet done that; I’m afraid it probably won’t happen as I’m getting too old….

Cat’s Food (About) Articles

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  • ‘About’ items for different foods have been moved to Foods (About) Menu, including: Apples, Beans; Chocolate; Dairy; Fats & Oils; Fish; GMOs; Greens; Herbs & Spices; and Salt; plus there’s lots more foods on Foods (About).
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  • ‘Culturing’ items have moved to Culturing, Curing & Fermentation Menu: Culturing Dairy; Curing Meats; and Lacto-fermentation (of fruits & Veggies)

See also: 

Baking Soda and Baking Powder




Broth, Stock

Coconut, Using

See also Foods (About) Menu

Coffee, Espresso

  • How to make French Press Coffee
  • How much ground coffee beans to use; from Equal Exchange Brewing Tips and Prima Coffee (for espresso):
    • French Press ratio: 2 Tbsp coarse-grind per 6 oz water
    • Automatic Drip: 1+ Tbsp medium- to coarse-grind per 6 oz water
    • Cone drip: 1+ Tbsp medium-grind per 6 oz water
    • Espresso: 18 – 21 grams fine-grind for double-shot, or 7 – 10 grams for single shot

Cultured Dairy

See Cultured Dairy (Menu)



Dietary Supplements:


Fats: Rendering, etc.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Fruits & Vegetables

Fungi (Mushrooms)

Grains, Pseudo-Grains, Flours & Starches



Lime Water



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Nuts & Seeds

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Pest Control (Naturally)



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Shellfish, Seafood

Sprouting & Soaking (How-To)


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