Soups & Stocks

List of Soups, Stocks & Broths Recipes

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Includes: 1. Stocks & Broths; 2. Raw Soups; 3. Cold Soups; 4. Hot Soups; 5. Chowders & Stews

Stocks & Broths

The difference between broth and stock: generally:

  • Broth is cooked for a shorter time, not long enough to pull all the collagen out of the bones. It may also be made with only meat or only veggies.
  • A stock is made with bones or a combo of meat, bones and veggies, and is cooked for about 24 hours or more to pull as much collagen and other nutrients from the bones as possible.
  • Bone broth is a misnomer, because it is basically a stock that is strained to save the liquid, which is then sipped as a healthful beverage rich in collagen.


Raw Soups

Cold Soups

Hot Soups

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Vegan Soups, Stews

Chowders & Stews