Lamb, Pork, Small Game

List of Lamb, Pork & Small Game Main Course Recipes

see also Beef, Venison, BuffaloPoultry & FowlFish & Seafood

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General Info (Other Sites):

  • offers local sources of grass-fed/pasture-riased meats and animal products, by state.
  • Freezing Meats (this site): what and how to use
  • USDA Safe Food Handling: Main Page – list of articles
  • USDA Safe Food Handling: Freezing & Food Safety
  • USDA Safe Food Handling: Safe defrosting methods for consumers
  • Internal Temp. Cooking Chart for Pork Cuts:
  • Internal Temp. Cooking Chart for Meats & Poultry: Whatscookingamerica,net
    • Pork; Internal Temp (from Whats Cooking America):
      • Chops, ribs: 140°F – 145°F for medium to 160°F for well-done;
      • Ribs: 180°F – 200°F (NOTE: just says “Tender”
      • Brisket: 185°F – 200°F
      • Ham: 71°F if raw; 60°F if pre-cooked
      • Ground pork and sausage: 160°F if raw, 140°F if pre-cooked.
    • Lamb and beef; Internal Temp:
      • Chops, steaks, roasts: 120°F for rare, to 160°F for medium
      • Brisket: 165°F – 175°F
      • Pot Roast: 180°F
      • Ground meat: 160°F – 165°F
    • [NOTE, 1/7/20: ochef(dot)com is an infected site, so I removed their link for internal temp cooking chart]

Miscellaneous Info


Ground Lamb, Sausage

Lamb Chops, Kebabs, Rack, Steak

Lamb Casseroles and One-Dish Meals

Lamb Braise, Roast, Slow Roast, Stew


Pork: Baked

Pork: Braise

See also Pork: Stew, Soup below

Pork: Casserole

Pork: Grilled, Pan-Grilled/Fried, Broiled

Pork: Meatballs/Meatloaf

Pork with Pasta

Pork: Roast, Slow-Roast

Pork: Sausage

Pork: Soup & Stew

Small Game (Rabbit, Hare, Squirrel, etc.)

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