Fish & Seafood

List of Fish & Seafood Main course Recipes

see also: Beef, Venison, Buffalo; Lamb, Pork & Small GamePoultry & FowlCat’s Christmas Menu and Preparation Schedule

NOTE: I am moving recipes from my old Cat’s Kitchen site to this site, so be patient – I have many, many to move. Meanwhile, you can go to Main Course: Fish & Seafood on my old site.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Brining (About)
  • AVOID farmed fish; I’ve saved a copy of a Mercola article about this: HEALTH-NUTRITION / PODCASTS-ARTICLES / MERCOLA > WildAlaskanSalmon-Powerhouse-of-Nutrition_061922.pdf


See below for shellfish & crustaceans

Seafood Soups, Stews

Shellfish & Crustaceans

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