Holiday Recipes

List of Holiday Recipes

Brita as Iduna with apples, painting by Carl Larsson

Brita as Iduna with apples, painting by Carl Larsson

These recipes reflect the Scandinavian traditions of my family (with a few exceptions). Christmas Eve was our holiday, which we celebrated with lutefisk and lefse, accompanied with mashed potatoes, creamed peas and carrotsRed Cabbage Coleslaw, and Cranberry-Orange Sauce for the main meal, and Æblekage (Danish Apple Cake) with whipped cream for dessert. I continue that tradition.

We didn’t have a special meal for Christmas Day, but when I moved to Portland OR for my career, I often invited friends who had no family to join me for a special dinner. I often made roast beef or lamb, accompanied with baked sweet potatoes or winter squash, a side of braised greens, such as broccoli or green beans, and more Cranberry-Orange Sauce. For dessert, we enjoyed leftover Æblekage or Plum Pudding for Christmas.

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