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Beef Top Round Roast – Medium or Medium-Rare

By Cat, May 2018 (image, right, from Wikimedia Commons) Now that warm weather is back, I’ve been craving beef roast like my Dad used to make; not the fork-tender, well-done 5-hour slow roast that I’ve been making all winter.  I … Continue reading

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Enema Recipes: Easy to take and soothing

By Cat, Sept 2008 (Image, right, from Amazon (17) The enema is an ancient healing method, many believe that all disease begins in the gut, and an enema is a good place to start. Includes: 1. Warm Water Enema (for diarrhea); … Continue reading

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Lacto-Fermented Orange or other Citrus

by Cat, Nov-Dec 2017 (All photos by Cat) Fermentation is an ancient process that goes back to early Biblical times. It preserves and augments the nutritional elements of the preserved food. Quality fermented foods are the best probiotics we can … Continue reading

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Salt Chart for Brining

Bu Cat, Jan 2018 This chart can be applied to brines for all meats. It takes into account three common types of salt used for brines: Table salt (fine grind), Morton Kosher salt, and Diamond Kosher salt. The amount of … Continue reading

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Lacto-fermented Onions

By Cat, Oct 2017 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons; and below from Pickl-it (4)) A friend just gave me a bunch of onions and shallots from her garden, more than I can eat before they go bad, so I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Preserving Herbs in Salt

by Catherine Haug, Oct 2017, originally published September 17, 2011 on The EssentiaList (4) for which I am the editor. Photos by C. Haug  As our gardens are winding to a close for the season, we are elbow deep in preservation. … Continue reading

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Ciabatta Integrale (Partially Whole Grain Italian Slipper Bread)

By Cat, July 2010 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) Includes: 1. Compare two recipes; 2. Ciabatta Integrale ingredients for 2 loaves; 3. Ciabatta Integrale recipe for 1 test loaf (includes instructions); 4. Cat’s testing of recipe; 5. What’s next. See also: 1. Sourdough Introduction; 2. Ciabatta Integrale, with … Continue reading

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Apple and Beetroot Relish (Lacto-Fermented)

By Cat, Feb 17, 2017; updated May 4, 2017 (Photos, right and below, from Wikimeida Commons) I LOVE apples and beets, so when I saw this recipe, I just had to give it a try, especially because it is fermented – … Continue reading

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Sage & thyme Gargle or Tea for sore throat

By Cat, November 2016 (Photo, right, by Cat) I’ve been bugged by lingering cold symptoms for the last few weeks. Well, to be honest, it dates back to early August when I had strep throat. After treating that with penicillin, … Continue reading

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Lacto-fermented (pickled) garlic cloves

By Cat, Sept 2016 (Photo, right, form Wikimedia Commons) I had a huge crop of garlic this year, more than I can use, I gave a bunch to a neighbor, and have decided to pickle a quart by lacto-fermentation in a … Continue reading

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