Notes from “Cleanse Your Liver Now” ebook by Dr. Jockers

By Cat, 2021

I’ve moved this from my original Notes About the Liver and Liver Cleanse article Liver (About): Notes. The main focus of the ebook is about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and how to treat it to improve liver health.

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Notes on Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases: Nutrition: Specific Foods, Herbs, Spices

By Cat, 2021

The bulk of the information on this page is from Lee Euler of Awakening From Alzheimer’s, via email. If the item doesn’t list a different source, it is from Lee.

The original post, “Nutrition: Foods and Supplements,” was getting too long, so I’ve broken it down into separate posts. This one is about “Specific Foods, including Herbs and Spices.”  See the “reorganized” links, below.

Also, check out a 72 minute video: “Alzheimer’s Reversal is Real,” with Dr. Bredensen: or

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Stir-Fry Beef and Vegetables

By Cat, 10/27/21; image right from Wikimedia

US Beef Cuts

I have about ¾ lb of stir-fry beef sirloin in my freezer (purchased in 2018) that I need to use up, so I decided to try this recipe from (1). But I’ve made some minor changes  for my own preferences. 

This is best served on rice. My preference is wild rice because white and brown rice are likely contaminated with arsenic – even Organic. My favorite way to prepare wild rice the recipe in the See also section, below.

See also: 1. Beef, Venison, Buffalo and Yak Menu; 2. Wild Rice: Steamed, Long-Cooked Method (second recipe on linked page) Continue reading

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mTOR: My Notes from “The CEO of Aging” video

Oct 12, 2021

Last night I watched an 82 minute video about The CEO of Aging, with Dr Ron Rosedale. I’ve known about the mTOR pathway for a few years (from Dr. Mercola’s articles), but I’ve never really understood what it is all about. So I was excited to see this video, tho I was a bit disappointed at the high speed of the conversation between Dr Ron and Stefan Apostolov (host,) which made it hard to keep up while taking notes.

mTOR stands for “mammalian Target of Rapamycin;” it is a protein that controls cell growth and metabolism in response to nutrients, growth factors, cellular energy, and stress. The mTOR gene provides the instructions to make the mTOR protein.

The mTOR pathway is a central regulator of mammalian metabolism and physiology.”

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Top 26 Herbal Supplements You’re Not Taking

This list is from an ebook by Jason Prall ( See his eBook (pdf) for the benefits of each herb; for some, I’ve added benefits of interest to me, in parenthesis. I may add more information about each, as I learn more.

I’ve saved my copy: HEALTH-NUTRITION / 2 PODCASTS-ARTICLES / eBooks > Herbs-Top26-ebook_092321.pdf

  1. Triphala [I’ve been taking this for years]
  2. Neem
  3. Cascara Sagrada [I’ve taken this on/off over the years]
  4. Cats Claw
  5. Pacific Yew
  6. Hyssop
  7. Noni
  8. Soursop/Granviola
  9. Nettle
  10. Guduchi
  11. Guggul
  12. Gotu Kola (for memory and more)
  13. Ashwagandha (Adaptogen) [I take this for anxiety issues]
  14. Manjistha
  15. Kutki
  16. Shatavari (for liver and more)
  17. Tulsi [Adaptogen; I drink Tulsi tea off and on]
  18. Ajwain
  19. Cardamom [my fav spice]
  20. Fenugreek seed [balance blood sugar and more; I’ve added it to my daily smoothie, on and off over the years]
  21. Cumin [another spice I use frequently]
  22. Coriander seed [another spice I use frequently]
  23. Fennel seed [another spice I use frequently]
  24. He Shou Wu
  25. Rehmannia root
  26. Valerian root (for anxiety)

Here are some other supplements that many do not take:

  1. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) from ChrisBeatCancer ( I have an allergy to the sun’s rays, so I get my vitamin D from supplemental Vitamin D3, and from Blue Ice’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil, which is rich in both vitamins A and D.
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Notes about the Liver and Liver Cleanse

By Cat, beginning Feb 2018; moved from Notes: J-P on 9/27/21

Your liver’s biggest job is to keep your blood clean; it also plays a role in helping your body store, metabolize and digest nutrients; produces bile; plays an important role in regulating and balancing hormones; and converts excess blood sugar into storage fat (this has good and bad consequences). See Natural Liver Cleansing Diet site’s article on Where is your Liver, and What is the Function of the Liver for many other important functions.

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Barbecue Sauce with Bourbon and Moroccan Spices

By Cat, July 2021

I found this amazing recipe in our local Daily Inter Lake newspaper (7/7/21) and decided I just had to give it a try – with a few changes.

See also: 1. Accompaniments: Sauces & Gravies Menu; 2. Homemade, Fermented Catsup/Ketchup 

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Buttermilk Biscuits

By Catherine Haug, July 2021 (image, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

Biscuits, with Cutter

I found a couple interesting recipes for biscuits made with buttermilk in our local Daily Inter Lake newspaper (originally from the St. Louis Post Dispatch (1)). Two of those recipes (Angel Biscuits and Buttermilk Biscuits) use buttermilk instead of the heavy cream used in the other two recipes). All four recipes use all-purpose (white) flour.

However, I prefer to use sprouted whole grain flour (that I purchase from Granite Mill Farms in Trout Creek, Montana (2)), because sprouting partially breaks down the gluten, making the flour safely edible by those with gluten sensitivity. And also because sprouted grain flour is more healthful in general than white or whole grain flour. (See Flours & Starches: Sprouted Grain & Sprouted Grain Flour (About) for more about this). Thus, I have altered these recipes to use sprouted grain flour and to minimize the amount of sugar. You can use sprouted wheat pastry flour or sprouted spelt flour (which is slightly sweeter than wheat).

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Coronavirus: Notes on Vaccines for COVID-19

By Cat, March 2020 and ongoing

As of June 20, 2021, this article has been moved from its original home: Coronavirus: SARS-CoV2 Virus and COVID-19 Disease.

As of this writing, there are three vaccines available for COVID-19: Pfizer and Moderna are mana vaccines; Johnson & Johnson is a traditional vaccine. I believe there is a fourth one that will soon be available.

I get many of my quotes from Mercola and Green Med Info articles. Many people think these articles are fraudulent because they attack the vaccine. However, Mercola and GMI research and use info from validated scientific articles that are cited at the end of each of their articles.  For this reason, as a scientist myself,* I trust what they write.

As I learn more about the vaccines for this disease, I will add notes and references here.

‘* I have BAs in Biology and Chemistry, and 4 years of post-graduate work in Bio-Chemistry.

Vaccines for COVID

How to Report an Adverse Reaction to the Vaccine 

See Mercola 1E (1u)

Vaccines & Adjuvants (About)

By Cat, unless another source is noted

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines use a new technology: mRNA (more on this, below), instead of an altered version of the virus. Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses the traditional virus-based technology.

What is “mRNA?”

It stands for Messenger Ribonucleic Acid, and is related to DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which “contains the biological instructions that make each species unique” (10); that is, the individual’s genes. mRNA is a copy of a specific section of the DNA – a gene – that is to be used for a specific use; that is, to determine the amino acid sequence of a specific protein. From Wikipedia (3):

  • mRNA is a single-stranded molecule of RNA that corresponds to the genetic sequence of a gene, and is read by a ribosome in the process of synthesizing a protein.”(3a)
  •  “RNA is assembled as a chain of nucleotides (3b);
  • “Nucleotides are organic molecules consisting of a nucleoside and a phosphate. …. [They] are composed of three subunit molecules: a nucleobase, a five-carbon sugar (ribose or deoxyribose), and a phosphate group consisting of one to three phosphates.” (3c)  In simpler terms, nucleotides, are the basic building-blocks of RNA (or DNA) that have specific meaning. 
  • Ribosomes link amino acids together in the order specified by the codons of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules to form polypeptide chains” (3d) [or sections of a protein].
  • Codons:  Each codon codes [translates the genetic code of a specific portion of a gene] for a specific amino acid, except the stop-codons, which terminate protein synthesis.”  (3a)

Most vaccines, to work well, contain an “adjuvant,” which is a toxic substance that gets the attention of the immune system, so it can then recognize the virus and attack it. For example, most vaccines include the toxic heavy metal, aluminum, as the adjuvant.

However, the adjuvant in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is the mRNA for the “spike protein” (the things on the outside of the COVID-19 molecule). The spike protein is toxic once it enters one of your body’s cells. For more about the toxicity of the spike protein, see The Corona Virus’s Spike Protein section below.

Johnson & Johnson claims not to use an aluminum adjuvant, but as of this writing, they have not made their adjuvant public.

Unfortunately, the adjuvant can also do damage to your body (e.g., aluminum harms the brain); but typically, that damage is not noticed for many years (typically 20 years or more). However, that is not the case for the mRNA COVID vaccines.  Vaccine testing is typically done for at least 2 years before it is allowed to be used with the general public (5 – 20 years is more typical). However, the COVID vaccines were tested for only about 2 months and then declared “safe.” The adjuvant in the mRNA vaccines used against COVID, is the mRNA itself.

As mentioned above, traditional vaccines and the J&J COVID vaccine use an altered version of the virus – they do not deal with the DNA/RNA of the virus.  The Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines use an altered form of mRNA in the virus, and that is where the problem lies – the problem that leads to serious health issues down the road.

The Corona Virus’s Spike Protein

From Mercola article (1a): The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health, about the “spike protein.”

  • The worst symptoms of COVID-19 are created by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and that is the very thing gene-based COVID vaccines are instructing your body to make. [Cat’s note: The spike protein in the COVID-19 virus is the knob-like structures that project from the surface of the virus. These spikes are what allow the virus to attach to human cells, and eventually infect them, where they can cause significant harm.]
  • While the natural spike protein is bad, the spike protein your body produces in response to the vaccine is even worse, as the synthetic RNA has been manipulated in such a way as to create a very robust and unnatural spike protein.
  • The spike protein is toxic in and of itself, and has the ability to induce vascular, heart and neurological damage.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine disables the Type I interferon pathway, which explains why vaccinated patients are reporting herpes and shingles infection following COVID-19 vaccination.” [Cat’s note: this is not the most serious problem caused by the vaccine, but it leads to them. For more detail, check out the original article.]

Even Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, has spoken-out on the potential dangers of COVID-19 gene therapy injections (1Fi and 1Fii); see “Damage That Can Result from COVID Vaccines” section below.

Damage That Can Result from COVID Vaccines

mRNA Inventor (Dr. Robert Malone) Speaks Out About Injection Dangers

The following are summary notes from Mercola article (6/21/21) (1fi): 

  • “Dr. Robert Malone invented the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology. He has grave concerns about the lack of transparency of side effects, censoring of discussion and the lack of informed consent that these bring
  • Free SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is biologically active — contrary to initial assumptions — and causes severe problems. It is responsible for the most severe effects seen in COVID-19, such as bleeding disorders, blood clots throughout the body and heart problems. These are the same problems we now see in a staggering number of people who have received the COVID-19 “vaccine”
  • The spike protein also has reproductive toxicity, and Pfizer’s biodistribution data show it accumulates in women’s ovaries. Data suggests the miscarriage rate among women who get the COVID “vaccine” within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is 82%
  • Israeli data show boys and men between the ages of 16 and 24 who have been vaccinated have 25 times the rate of myocarditis (heart inflammation) than normal”
  • The COVID-19 injections have emergency use authorization only, which can only be granted if there are no safe and effective remedies available. Such remedies do exist, but have been actively censored and suppressed

See also related article (1Fii); here’s the summary notes:

    • “June 11, 2021, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, spoke out on the DarkHorse podcast about the potential dangers of COVID-19 gene therapy injections. The podcast was quickly erased from YouTube
    • Malone is concerned about government not being transparent about risks, and that people are being coerced into taking these experimental injections, which violates bioethics laws
    • He believes the risks outweigh the benefits in children, teens and young adults, and that those who have recovered from natural SARS-CoV-2 infection should not get the injection
    • Five days after his DarkHorse podcast appearance, Malone’s scientific accomplishments and contributions were scrubbed from Wikipedia
    • As recently as June 14, 2021, Malone’s contributions were extensively included in the historical section on RNA vaccines’ Wikipedia page. June 16, his name was removed and his accomplishments attributed to nameless researchers at the Salk Institute, the University of California, and the University of Wisconsin”

Read on (About mRNA Vaccines) for my May 2021 notes that provide a bit more detail about Dr. Malone’s conclusions. 

About mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and the Spike Proteins in the Vaccines 

By Cat (May 2021), unless noted otherwise.

The mRNA in these vaccines is the “adjuvant,” an extremely toxic substance in vaccines that attracts the attention of the immune system. In more traditional vaccines, the adjuvant has been aluminum – a toxic heavy metal.

When development of mRNA vaccines against COVID were first introduced, the “researchers had previously assumed  mRNA COVID vaccines would behave like traditional vaccines. The vaccine’s spike protein — responsible for infection and its most severe symptoms — would remain mostly in the injection site at the shoulder muscle or local lymph nodes.” (12) They were WRONG! as the death and serious injuries data reveals.

COVID virus contains a spike protein [For a good explanation of a spike protein, see Merriam Webster (11).] This protein is what makes the virus so dangerous! mRNA is genetic coding to generate a specific protein; in the COVID mRNA vaccines, that protein is called a “spike protein.”

The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health

From Mercola (1g);

(NOTE: I’ve saved a pdf version at HEALTH-NUTRITION / MERCOLA > COVID-ShotsAreKillingPeople.pdf)

Mercola’s story, at-a-glance [Cat’s note: this is primarily about the mRNA vaccines]:

  • Those at highest risk of dying from COVID-19 are also at highest risk of dying from the COVID shot. The shots are also causing severe heart damage in younger people whose risk of dying from COVID is inconsequential
  • While you only get at most six months’ worth of protection from the COVID shot, each injection will cause damage for 15 months as your body continuously produces toxic spike protein
  • The spike protein is responsible for COVID-19-related heart and vascular problems, and it has the same effect when produced by your own cells. It causes blood clots, myocarditis and pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks and neurological damage, just to name a few
  • The safety signal is very clear, with 19,249 deaths having been reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System as of November 19, 2021. Historically, drugs and vaccines are pulled off the market after about 50 suspected deaths
  • Children aged 12 to 17 are five times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID jab-induced myocarditis than they are to be hospitalized for COVID-19 infection

From Mercola (1c): 

need info from article – discusses mRNA “spike protein” and more

From Mercola (1b): “COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Diseases” 

The following are from the summary notes of Mercola’s article (1b).

    • “The typical unprecedented vaccine takes 12 years to develop, and of all the unprecedented vaccines in development, only 2% are projected to ever make it through all Phase 2 and 3 clinical phases of testing.
    • The COVID-19 vaccine was developed with Operation Warp Speed in less than one year, which makes it virtually impossible to assess safety and efficacy, as the vaccine has not been adequately tested.
    • Five months into the vaccination campaign, statistics tell a frightening story. Research shows deaths are 15 times higher during the first 14 days after the first COVID injection among people over the age of 60, compared to those who aren’t vaccinated.
    • Another study shows that after COVID-19 vaccines were implemented, overall death rates have increased, with the exception of a few areas. It appears countries in which COVID-19 vaccines have not raised mortality rates are also not using glyphosate.
    • In the next 10 to 15 years, we are likely to see spikes in prion diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases at younger ages, and blood disorders such as blood clots, hemorrhaging, stroke and heart failure.”

I note that the article is based on science, quoting at least 5 scientific studies.

Researcher: ‘We Made a Big Mistake’ on COVID-19 Vaccine”

Summary notes from Mercola article (1d); [Cat’s note: I have added some colored, bold text in the quote, to get my readers’ attention]:

  • “Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., has gained access to Pfizer’s biodistribution study from the Japanese regulatory agency. The research, previously unseen, demonstrates a huge problem with all COVID-19 vaccines
  • The assumption that vaccine developers have been working with is that the mRNA in the vaccines would primarily remain in and around the vaccination site. Pfizer’s data, however, show the mRNA and subsequent spike protein are widely distributed in the body within hours
  • This is a serious problem, as the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage. It also has reproductive toxicity, and Pfizer’s biodistribution data show it accumulates in women’s ovaries
  • Once in your blood circulation, the spike protein binds to platelet receptors and the cells that line your blood vessels. When that happens, it can cause platelets to clump together, resulting in blood clots, and/or cause abnormal bleeding
  • Pfizer documents submitted to the European Medicines Agency also show the company failed to follow industry-standard quality management practices during preclinical toxicology studies and that key studies did not meet good laboratory practice standards

“We made a big mistake,” Bridle says. “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen; we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”

This toxin, Bridle notes, can cause cardiovascular damage and infertility.

Latest VAERS* Data Shows: 5,165 Deaths and 25,359 Serious Injuries Between 12/14/2020 and 5/28/2021

Notes from Green Med Info (2a); (‘*VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.). [NOTE: for more about what the mRNA and spike proteins are all about, see “About mRNA Vaccines” above.]

The spike protein (in COVID mRNA vaccines) “can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and in ‘quite high concentrations’ in the ovaries.” mRNA is genetic coding to generate a specific protein; in the COVID mRNA vaccines, that protein is called a “spike protein.”

When introduced into a human’s body, this spike protein has been shown to be very harmful to humans. [For a good explanation of a spike protein, see Merriam Webster (11).] One of the more significant reactions to the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) is “heart inflammation.”

How to Detox from the Spike Protein Made by the mRNA Vaccines

From Mercola: World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox, dated Dec 22, 2021 (Note: he takes down his articles after 48 hours, so I have saved a pdf version: HEALTH-NUTRITION / 2-PODCAST ARTICLES / MERCOLA ARTICLES > COVID-Spike-Protein-Detox.pdf.

The following are his “Story at a Glance” at the beginning of the article:

  • “If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body
  • Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs
  • The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body
  • Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione
  • The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium.”

The World Council for Health’s spike protein detox guide, is reference #4 in Mercola’s article; see my link #4 in “References” below, for the World Council for Health article (4) [Note: my reference # for this detox guide is coincidentally the same as Mercola’s reference: i.e., #4.] I have also saved that article as a pdf: HEALTH-NUTRITION / 2-PODCAST ARTICLES > COVID-Spike-Protein-Detox-Guide.pdf

I’m reviewing that detox guide, and I see one of the foods that can help citrus peel (both the white pith and the colored part on the outside of the peel), is something I have every day in my morning smoothie. Citrus peel naturally inhibits “furin,” which is harmful substance in the virus’s spike protein. Furin has been shown to separate the spike protein and thus allow the virus to enter human cells.

I also note that the prescription, “Ivermectin,” also helps detox from the spike protein’s damage.

Here’s the article’s list; some are foods, beverages, supplements extracts, and prescriptions, (see the article for more detail; it notes “This list is not comprehensive.”) :

  • Top ten spike protein detox essentials
    • Vitamin D3
    • Vitamin C
    • NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
    • Ivermectin 
    • Nigella seed (Black Cumin – Nigella Sativa)
    • Quercetin (Flavonoid) 
    • Zinc 
    • Magnesium 
    • Curcumin (from turmeric)
    • Milk Thistle Extract (for silymarin)
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Vitamin K
  • Citrus fruits & peel for limonene, hesperidin
  • Prunella Vulgaris (commonly known as self-heal)
  • Neem
  • Dandelion leaf extract [not the same as dandelion root extract, which I take to help my liver]
  • Fennel tea
  • Green tea
  • St John’s Wort
  • Comfrey leaf
  • Nattokinase
  • Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa)
  • Fish oil
  • Fisetin (flavonoid)
  • Apigenin
  • Quercetin (Flavonoid)
  • Resveratrol
  • Luteolin
  • Jasmine tea
  • Spices, including cinnamon
  • Herbs: bay leaf, nutmeg, sage
  • Black pepper
  • Rutin
  • Baicalein
  • Potato tubers
  • Blue-green algae
  • Andrographis Paniculata
  • Soybeans (organic only)


[Mercola reference numbers in parenthesis are from original article, before the move: Coronavirus: SARS-CoV2 Virus and COVID-19 Disease]

  1. Mercola
    1. (1Q)
    2. (1R)
    3. (1S)
    4. (1T)
    5. (1U)
    6. Dr. Robert Malone (inventor or mRNA vaccine technology) speaks out:
    7.; I’ve saved a pdf version at HEALTH-NUTRITION / MERCOLA > COVID Shots Are Killing People.pdf
  2. Green Med Info
  3. Wikipedia
    1. mRNA:
    2. RNA:
    3. Nucleotides:
    4. Ribosomes:
  4. World Council for Health: World Council for Health, Spike Protein Detox Guide (

You Tube Videos

  1. Dr Linus Pauling’s Research on Vitamin C:
  5. Journal of General Virology (2004), 85, 1717–1725:
  6. Monoclonal antibody treatment for high-risk patients with COViD:


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His & Hers: Matters of the Heart

by Catherine Haug, February 14, 2011 (originally written for The EssentiaList)

Clip art, right, from Webweaver’s Clip art (11)

On this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to draw your attention to the differences between men and women when it comes to matters of the heart.

I had a “false” heart attack (see Neuromuscular Spasms section below) on December 23, 2010 and spent the holiday weekend in the hospital. Until the results of the enzyme test came back, the doc didn’t think I’d had a heart attack, believing instead it was heartburn. Especially since my EKG was normal. My enzymes, however, told a different story. They were slightly elevated indicating I’d truly had a lapse of oxygen to my heart. I was checked into the hospital for the holiday weekend, for tests.

The results of those tests were good news: Echogram indicated normal size heart with no loss of muscle; Angiogram indicated no plaque in my arteries with no blockages and no need for stents. But what, then, caused the heart attack? And why did I recover so quickly?

It turns out that the hearts of men and women are different, and the cause for attacks in women can be entirely different from that in men. Because of this difference, women’s attacks are routinely dismissed as heartburn, pulled muscle, overwork, etc.. In short, women are not being diagnosed and treated for a problem that could kill them.

So, then, what are the differences?

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