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Saved PDFs: Note that for many links to articles, I’ve saved a pdf version and provide the path on my site to them as: Health-Nutrition / Podcasts-Articles /….; for such articles, I only include the remainder of the path, to save space. For example, “Health-Nutrition / Podcasts-Articles / ebooks > xyz.pdf” becomes just: “/ ebooks >xyz.pdf”

  1. Anxiety, Depression Help
    1. Ever since I got COVID in 2020, I’ve had depression on and off (I’d not experienced it prior to COVID, but I’ve had several friends who have experienced it, so I know what it is…).
      1. See my article: Depression and Anxiety (Notes)
      2. Top 7 Foods to Help Fight Depression (6f), an interesting Mercola article (on his new sub stack site); I’ve saved it as a pdf: …Mercola-Articles > Depression_Top7FoodsToHelpFight_MCL_102022.pdf. And also a related video; for link see Depression_BigPharmaLyingAboutAntidepressants_videoLink.pdf
      3. Top 10 Foods to Eat and to Avoid for Anxiety (saved as pdf: … / eBooks > Top10Foods_ToEat-AvoidForAnxiety_GutBrainSolution_ebook_103122.pdf (from Gut-Brain Solution podcast)
      4. Homeopathy for depression; here are a few links:
  2. Big Pharma Issues: 
    1. The Damage it Does: See Mercola article that I’ve saved as a pdf (he closes down his articles after 48 hours):  … / Mercola-Articles > ConventionalMedicineKills_WhatToDo_MCL 102322.pdf. The article includes an 82 minute video on BitChute: . See also my Notes on Health/Healing Topics, A-C under Conventional Medicine and the Harm it Does, for his Story-At-A-Glance, and my related pdf article: The Harm of mRNA Vaccines: An Example of Conventional Medicine and the Harm it Does.
    2. Common Meds You Shouldn’t Be on for LongSee See Mercola article that I’ve saved as a pdf (he closes down his articles after 48 hours): … / Mercola-Articles > Meds-Shouldn’tBeOnForLong_MCL_102422.pdf. I note that there are much better herbal remedies available as substitute for many of the listed Meds. For example, instead of acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol), use white willow bark tincture. See my article: Natural Healing Remedies for safer meds.
  3. Brain Health: 
    1. Brain Health: Leaky Brain Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes & Natural Solutions, from Dr. Jockers (9B). I’m reading the article and taking notes. May open an article on Cat’s Kitchen based on my notes.
    2. Green Med Info articles:
  4. Carbohydrates:
    1. Carbohydrates, A Review (not quite finished)
    2. Carbs: Resistant Starch (RS)
    3. Carbs: Inulin (a non-starchy carb)
  5. Cholesterol; see Notes on Natural Health & Healing Topics, A-C, under “Cholesterol”
    1. Higher cholesterol levels (both HDL, LDL) are associated with longer life; from Mercola; saved pdf copy at … / Mercola-Articles > Cholesterol-HigherLevelsAssocWithLongerLife.pdf
  6. Choline and related nutrients
    1. Choline, Inositol, and Insulin Resistance; see also Insulin Resistance section below
    2. Choline & Lecithin
    3. Other sites:
      • Chris Masterjohn’s Choline database (1)
      • Green Valley Natural Solutions: “How Losing my Car Saved My Memory,” on the importance of acetyl-choline and how to get it. It focuses on a supplement: “Advanced Brain Power” (from Green Valley Natural Solutions (10) 
  7. COVID;
    1. See also:
      1. Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics > A – C
      2. Notes on Natural Health Topics > Coronavirus: SARS-CoV2 Virus and COVID-19 Disease (About)
    2. COVID Vaccines; see also”Vaccines” section, below
      • Mercola: LongCOVID: ElephantInRoom; 100% of mRNA Jab Recipients Suffered Heart Injury; saved as pdf: … / Mercola-Articles > LongCOVID_ElephantInRoom_100%-of-mRNA-JabRecipientsSufferedHeartInjury_MCL_111422.pdf
    3. Coronavirus: SARS-CoV2 Virus and COVID-19 Disease
  8. Dairy:
    1. Does Commercial Milk Make You Sick? (moved from my old iWeb blog)
    2. The Rising Cost of Milk (moved from my old iWeb blog)
  9. Depression – moved to “Anxiety, Depression Help”, above
  10. Detox and Detox Diet
    1. Detox Diet Considerations; see also:
  11. Diet For Health
    1. Main article in 3-parts
    2. Calories: Not all Calories are Created Equal
    3. Diet Solution and Metabolic Type, Cat’s notes from the Diet Solution video
    4. Food Combining: Acidifying and Alkalizing Foods (includes charts)
    5. Multis, quality of (multi-vitamins and/or minerals); saved article: … / Mercola-Articles > Multivitamin-QualityImportance_MCL_092122.pdf
    6. Other sites:
  12. Fasting
    1. Veggie Juice Fast Menu
    2. See also Insulin Resistance section, below, regarding fasting to reduce risk of Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes
  13. Fatty Liver Disease (Non-Alcoholic, or NAFLD) and its Second Stage: NASH
    1. NOTE: I believe that NAFLD is a consequence of insulin resistance; see “Choline and Related Nutrients” section, above, and “Insulin Resistance section, below)
    2. see Mercola article saved: … / Mercola-Articles > NAFLD-and-B-Vitamins_MCL-082022.pdf
    3. Vitamins B12 and B9 (folic acid), and choline may reverse NASH
    4. Other herbs and supplements that can help: milk thistle (or its active ingredient, Silymarin), CoQ10, and NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
  14. Food
    1. Fake Food: This is a quote from a 2022 Mercola article: “The EAT Forum, cofounded by the Wellcome Trust and the Stockholm Resilience Centre in 2014, has developed a “Planetary Health Diet,” intended to be applied to the entire global population. It entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90%, and working with biotech and fake meat companies to replace whole foods with lab-created alternative.” Article saved: UltraprocessedFood-WorstChoiceForPlanet-Health_MCL_090922.pdf
    2. Food Shortages: How to Prepare; Another new article in 2022, as food shortages will become the norm. See, which is mainly a copy of sections from an article by Dr. Mercola.
  15. Fulvic and Humic Acids (from rich, ancient soil) < need article; until then, see
    1. Catsfork: Detox from Toxic Heavy Metals (Fulvic and Humic Acids Section)
    2. Catsfork: Notes on Natural Health/Healing Topics: Fulvic and Humic Acids
    3. Other sites:
      1. Green Med Info:
      2. Green Smoothie Girl:
  16. Gut and Gut Issues
    1. Colon Problems (2021) (from Cat’s old iWeb site) 
    2. Slippery Elm for Constipation and Kidney Trouble for Cats and Humans
    3. Other sites:
      • Food Revolution: Healthy Poop Guide 
      • Gut Cleanse Protocol (Dr. Gundry Video about important dietary changes, and sales pitch for Bio-Complete-3 supplement)
      • See also (saved pdfs)
        • CATSFORK-ESP WEB / CATSFORK-QTH / PDF FILES > Stool_HealthConsciousPersonsGuide-toPoop.pdf; includes Bristol Stool Form Scale on pg 9
        • CATSFORK-ESP WEB / CATSFORK-QTH / PHOTOS-FILES / CHARTS > BristolStooChart-Mercola.pdf and BristolStoolChart_(cropped).png
  17. Health and Health Improvement
    1. Health Recovery Diet, with Coconut Oil
    2. 25 Health Tips (after Mercola’s 25 Years): I’ve saved his article at: … / Mercola-Articles > “25-HealthTips_Mercolas-25-years_081022.pdf. See my “NOTES on Natural Health Topics, H-I,” under “Health” for a summary of his 25 tips.
    3. Top 5 Habits for a Healthier Life (from Mercola); article saved as pdf: … / Mercola-Articles > HealthierLife_TopFiveHabits_MCL_103022.pdf. Here are the habits (see article for more detail): 1. Stop eating vegetable seed-oils high in Omega-6 like soy, cottonseed, sunflower, rapeseed (canola), corn and safflower; 2. Get more sun exposure for optimized vitamin D; 3. Embrace time-restricted eating; for example, between 8 qAM and 2 PM; 4. Exercise often; 5. Protect yourself from EMFs. [Cat’s note: I wear QLink pendant like a necklace; it protects the body from EMF exposure. It was recommended by my acupuncturist, and I believe it really helps. See my article: EMFs and the damage they cause for more info].
  18. Heart Health
    1. His & Hers: Matters of the Heart (originally from The EssentiaList)
    2. Other sites
      1. Mercola: Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Pills Trigger Heart Damage;
        1. Because he removes his articles after 48 hours, I saved article as pdf: Health-Nutrition / Podcasts-Articles / Mercola > HeartDamage-TriggeredByNonsteroidalAnti-InflammatoryPills_MCL_101422.pdf.
        2. See also Notes on Natural Health/Healing Topics, H-I, for Mercola’s Story At-A-Glance (for this Nonsteroidal… article), under “Heart and Cardiovascular Health”
      2. Green Med Info: 7 Ways to Prevent and Even Reverse Heart Disease with Nutrition 
  19. Herbs, Medicinal Foods, etc; see also Herbs and Spices (About)
    1. Top 26 Herbal Supplements You’re Not Taking (5); I note that I do take several of them.
    2. Echinacea: Health Benefits (6d)
    3. GMI: 5 Food-Medicines that Could Save Your Life (7a): Garlic, Honey, Apples, Turmeric, Sunlight [see reference 7a for path to article saved as pdf]
    4. GMI: 10 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds (7b): Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Gingivitus/Dental Plaque, Infant Health-Massage Oil, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Antibiotic-Induced Kidney Damage, Atherosclerosis, Depression, Radiation-Induced DNA Damage, and Cancer
    5. GMI: [Pharmaceutical] Attack on Herbs and Supplements is a Racket (7c). They “want healing herbs and supplements  [to be] regulated off the market and taken away from the people.”
    6. GMI: 7 Reasons to Love Rosemary (7D): Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Analgesic, Anxiety Relief, Cognition Enhancing, Neuroprotective, Antidepressant 
  20. Heavy Metals:
    1. Heavy Metal Toxicity (Overview)
    2. Heavy Metal Toxicity: Testing and Treatment (was “HM_TestTreat” on iWeb)
    3. Heavy Metal Exposure & Damage  (was “HM_Exposure” on iWeb)
    4. Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms (was “HM_Symptoms on iWeb)
    5. Heavy Metal Detox (Detox from Toxic Heavy Metals)
    6. Mercury Toxicity:
    7. Other sites (on Heavy Metals):
  21. Homeopathy: Introduction to Homeopathy, an introduction to a natural form of healing. Article includes an example for depression (pdf saved Health-Nutrition / Homeopathy > intro-homeopathy_CatsKitchen-5_2022c.pdf). An older version (2016) is also available on The EssentiaList: Introduction to Homeopathy.
  22. Inflammation: See Notes on Natural Health/Healing Articles: H – I, under “Inflammation.”  
  23. Insulin Resistance (IR), High Blood Sugar, and Metabolic Syndrome
    1. Cat’s Notes on Health Topics H – I; scroll down to “Insulin Resistance”
    2. Choline, Inositol, and Insulin Resistance
    3. Supplements, Herbs for Insulin Resistance
    4. Cat’s Notes on Health Topics H – I; scroll down to “Insulin Resistance”
    5. Fasting to Reduce Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes  and related article by Dr. Mercola (6)
    6. The following (with one exception) have been moved and updated from my old iWeb blog:
      1. Insulin: Master Regulator
      2. IR Intro: Insulin, IR and Metabolic Syndrome
      3. IR: A Look at Causes; see also my pdf: “Adipose Tissue: White and Brown Fat” as “Brown Fat” is discussed in this article.
      4. IR: Controlling and Reversing this Disease
      5. IR: Hormone Imbalance-I (about 5 hormone blocks and healing a leaky gut); new Apr 29, 2021; updated May 7, 2021
      6. IR: Hormone Imbalance-II (video links, from Rosemarie Lascalzo)
      7. IR and the Leptin Connection
      8. IR: Leptin and Lectins
      9. see also: NOTES on Natural Health-Healing Topics J-P, under “Leptin Resistance”
    7. mTOR and Insulin Resistance: The connection between them (Oct  ’21). See my notes from a video: “The CEO of Aging” with Dr Ron Rosedale (Sept ’22: the 82 min video at is no longer available online).
      1. From Wikipedia: mTOR stands for “mammalian target of rapamycin.” … “The mTOR pathway is a central regulator of mammalian metabolism and physiology.” 
      2. For more about mTOR, see;
      3. For its effects on aging, see mTOR in aging, metabolism, and cancer (
      4. NOTE: pubmed and ncbi articles are about peer-reviewed, published scientific research
    8. Other sites:
      1. Broken Brain Podcasts list, Dr. Mark Hyman (2);
      2. Broken Brain, Individual podcasts regarding IR:
        • #223: How IR Destroys Your Brain, with Dhru Purohit & Dr Ben Bikman, 1 hr, 42 min (2a)
        • #154: The Mind-Blowing Science of Fat-Burning and Insulin Resistance with Dr. Benjamin Bikman”  1 hr, 25 min (2b)
      3. Dr. Jockers on “10-Day Kidney Cleanse” (under kidney & Urinary Tract section, below) that includes a section on IR
      4. Insulin Resistance Summit: Several pdfs saved: Health-Nutrition / Podcasts-Articles / eBooks / Insulin Resistance >
        1. 3 Transcripts: IR-Summit_3-InterviewTranscripts_102222.pdf includes:
          • The Best Essential Oils to Improve Insulin Resistance, by Eric Zielinski, DC
          • How to Deal with Low Blood Sugar Issues, by Danielle Hamilton, FNTP
          • How Vegetable Oils Cause Insulin Resistance, by Tucker Goodrich
        2. Biohacking-InsulinResistance_102222.pdf
        3. BloodSugar-TipsToBalanceNaturally_102222.pdf
        4. BrainFog_3DayKickstartGuide_102222.pdf
        5. EssentialOils_forDiabetes_RemedyGuide_102222.pdf
        6. FattyLiver_ReversingToImproveInsulinResistance_102222.pdf
        7. HerbalSupplements_Top26_YouShouldBeTaking_102222.pdf
        8. RecipeBook_InsulinResistance_102222.pdf
  24. Important Nutrients: We may not get enough
  25. Ketogenic Diet (Intro)  See Ketogenic Diet (Intro):
    1. Daily Outline
    2. Carb/Protein/Fat (CPF) Counters (Tables)(by food category)
    3. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) and Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy (MMT)
  26. Kidney & Urinary Tract 
    1. Dr. Jockers: 10-Day Kidney Cleanse (For Better Energy and Skin Health); I saved pdf version: … / Dr. Jockers > KidneyCleanse-10day_BetterEnergy-Skin Health_DrJockers.pdf. He also discusses Insulin Resistance in this article
  27. Minerals
    1. Minerals (About)
    2. Magnesium (About)
    3. Magnesium Chloride, 80% Solution
    4. Magnesium Chloride, Nano-Particle Supplement
    5. The Importance of Dietary Magnesium (originally from The EssentiaList)
    6. Other sites
      1. TTAC: 3-Ways to Detox with Iodine: Detox from Halides, Heavy Metals, and Boost your Liver and Kidneys (from The Truth About Cancer (4a))
      2. Mercola:
        1. Magnesium: Magnesium Deficiency (6e)
        2. Zinc: The Secret of Zinc’s Immunity-Boosting Power Revealed (6c)
      3. Dr. Jockers
        1. 10 Signs of Magnesium Deficiency (9a) (also saved pdf: … Dr. Jockers > MagnesiumDeficiency-10Signs_DrJockers_110122.pdf)
  28. Miscellaneous:
    1. Lectins: what they are, and how to deal with them
    2. MTHFR Gene Mutation: Dietary and Testing Recommendations
    3. Other sites
      1. The Power of Mushrooms: Nutrition, Benefits, & Risks of Edible Mushrooms (3a)
      2. Mushrooms for Brain Health: text version (8a) or video (8b)
  29. Muscle Health, Strength 
    1. Mercola has a great article on how to retain/improve the health of your muscles, to reduce your risk of sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss).” (6c)  I plan to create a new article with my notes from his article.
  30. Notes on Natural Health/Healing Topics Menu: See Notes on Natural Health/Healing Topics Menu
  31. Sleep: See: Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics, Q-Z 
  32. Sunlight, LED Light
    1. The Vital Importance on Sunlight; The work of Dr. John Nash Ott
    2. LED Light: Orange Glasses to Protect your Eyes (pdf), by Cat originally for The EssentiaList)
  33. Supplements:
    1. Supplements vs Whole Foods (Intro) plus the following:
    2. Supplements for Insulin Resistance; see also Insulin Resistance section above
    3. Supplements to Reduce Estrogen Dominance
    4. Supplements I use (updated May 2021 for changes made since 2019)
    5. Supplements & Whole Foods in my Morning Smoothie
    6. Herbal Supplements you may not be Taking
    7. Probiotic & Prebiotic Supplements
    8. Other Sites:
      1. Mercola article: User’s Guide for Timing of Nutritional Supplements; article link may no longer be available after 2/8/22, so I’ve saved it as a pdf: …/ Mercola-Articles > NutritionalSupplementTiming_020622.pdf. See also my Notes on Health/Healing Topics Q-Z, under “Supplements”
  34. Weight Problems:
    1. Obesity 101 (fats vs carbs)
    2. Obesity 102 (the importance of dietary fats to resolve a metabolic problem)
    3. IR: Hormone Imbalance-I (about 5 hormone blocks and healing a leaky gut); new Apr 29, 2021; updated May 7, 2021
  35. Vaccines 
    1. mRNA Vaccines
      1. Mercola [see also “COVID” section, above]
        1. LongCOVID: ElephantInRoom; 100% of mRNA Jab Recipients Suffered Heart Injury; saved as pdf: …/ Mercola-Articles > LongCOVID_ElephantInRoom_100%-of-mRNA-JabRecipientsSufferedHeartInjury_MCL_111422.pdf; no video
        2. mRNA Jabs: Safe and Effective? A Second Opinion; saved as pdf: …/Mercola-Articles >mRNA-Jabs_aSecondOpinion_MCL_112022.pdf; see also related video:
        3. COVID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury saved as pdf: …/Mercola-Articles /COVID > COVID-mRNAVax_MechanismsOfInjury_S Seneff_MCL_112122.pdf; see also related video interview:
  36. Vegetables: 
  37. Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar: 
    1. Interesting Dr. Jockers’ article on “4 Ways to Use AppleCider Vinegar on a Keto Diet” ( I’ve saved a pdf copy at … / Dr Jockers Articles > ACV-4WaysToUse-OnKetoDiet_102722.pdf:
      • Put on Food; Drink Before Meals; Mix with Soups and Stews; and Morning Primer.
  38. Vitamins: (Vitamins are classified as either water- or fat-soluble; fat-soluble vitamins are more readily stored  in the human body than water-soluble vitamins; this means that water-soluble vitamins must be taken more regularly).
    1. Vitamins: Intro
    2. Water Soluble Vitamins:
      1. Vitamin B-Complex < needs minor updates
        1. Choline, Inositol, and Insulin Resistance; ; see also Insulin Resistance section above
        2. Choline & Lecithin
        3. Methycobalamin (B-12) supplements.
          • I currently use a methylcobalamin tablet that dissolves under the tongue for faster entry to the blood.  It provides 1,000 mg/tablet, and costs about $16 for 400 tablets (days). See Amazon ASIN B08BJ9L3XR,or Mercola article for info about this.
          • Another option is Mercola’s chewable tablet; it also provides 1, 000 mg B12/ tablet, and costs about $19 for 30 days. See iHerb MCL-03663 for more info.
      2. Vitamin C
      3. Vitamins C and D for COVID Treatment (Mercola; saved as pdf:  Health-Nutrition/ Podcasts-Articles / Mercola-Articles / COVID > Vitamins-C-D_AdoptedAsCoronavirusTreatment_MCL_120222.pdf
    3. Fat Soluble Vitamins:
      1. Vitamin A (includes section on A:D ratio, and Cod Liver Oil debate)
      2. Vitamin D (See also The Vital Importance on Sunlight; The work of Dr. John Nash Ott)
      3. Vitamin E
      4. Vitamin F (a.k.a. fatty acids): see also Essential Fatty Acids: A Case of Balance
      5. Vitamin K (two types: K1 or phylloquinone, ad K2 or menaquinone), a lesser-known vitamin
      6. Other sites
        • Food Revolution on Vitamin K: Benefits, How to Get It, and How Much You Need (3b)
        • Interesting note (3b): “Vitamin D, another fat-soluble vitamin, works closely with vitamin K to perform various bodily functions, like regulating calcium metabolism for bone and heart health.”


  2. Broken Brain: List of podcasts with Dhru Purohit:
    1. #223: “How Insulin Resistance Destroys Your Brain with Dr. Benjamin Bikman
    2. #154: “The Mind-Blowing Science of Fat-Burning and Insulin Resistance with Dr. Benjamin Bikman
  3. Food Revolution:
    1.  The Power of Mushrooms: Nutrition, Benefits, & Risks of Edible Mushrooms
    2. Vitamin K: Benefits, Where to Get It, and How Much You Need
  4. TTAC (The Truth About Cancer:
    1. 3-Ways to Detox with Iodine)
    2. Cat’s note: There may be a security issue on the cited page regarding the link to download a new book: Detox Secrets for Vibrant Health; I’ve alerted TTAC (4/14/21) of this problem.
  5. Top 26 Herbal Supplements You’re Not Taking a pdf file; I’ve saved my copy: HEALTH-NUTRITION / 2 PODCASTS-ARTICLES / eBooks> Herbs-Top26-ebook_092321.pdf
  6. Mercola: [NOTE: because he removes his articles 24 hours after publishing, I save those of interest to me in: HEALTH-NUTRITION / PODCASTS-ARTICLES / MERCOLA ARTICLES > (file)]
    1.       [saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > Fasting-TmtStrategy-Diabetes-IR_022422.pdf]
    2. The Secret of Zinc’s Immunity-Boosting Power Revealed [saved as [saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > Zinc-ImmunityBoostingPowerRevealed_MCL_041622.pdf]
    3. Getting Stronger as You Age (to prevent sarcopenia); saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > MuscleStrength-GettingStrongerAsYouAge_MCL_081222.pdf
    4. Health Benefits of Echinacea; saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > Echinacea-Health Benefits_MCL-081522.pdf
    5. Magnesium Deficiency; saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > MagnesiumDeficiency-ResearchProject_MCL-081722.pdf ; includes short video
    6. Top 7 Foods to Fight Depression; saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > Depression_Top7 FoodsToHelpFight_MCL_092922.pdf
    7. Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)  chewable tablet; saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > Vitamin-B12-as MethylcobalaminSuppl_MCL_110822.pdf
    8. Fix this Vitamin Deficiency for Better Sleep: saved MERCOLA ARTICLES > Vitamin-ToHelpSleepBetter_MCL_110822.pdf
  7. Green Med Info (GMI):(some are saved in this path: Health-Nutrition / Articles / GMI > (filename)
    1. 5 Food-Medicines that Could Save Your Life (7a): Saved GMI > 5 Food-Medicines-CouldSaveLife_GMI_100422.pdf
    2. 10 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Seeds 
    3. Attack on Herbs and Supplements is a Racket 
    4. 7 Reasons to Love Rosemary; saved
    5. 7 Ways to Prevent and Even Reverse Heart Disease with Nutrition (11/8/22); saved GMI > HeartDisease_7NutritionalWaysToPreventReverse-with_110822.pdf
  8. On mushrooms for Brain Health
    1.; This is a written sales pitch for a mushroom-mix supplement that contains the following mushrooms (along with other ingredients): King Trumpet Mushroom Powder, Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Antrodia Mushroom Powder, Maitake Mushroom Powder, and Reishi Mushroom Powder 
    2.; this is the video version
  9. Dr. Jockers articles:
    2. Leaky Brain Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes and Natural Solutions
  10. Green Valley Natural Solutions: