Notes on Natural Health Topics (Menu)

This is redo of the Health Topics Menu (original was lost). Most are notes from various Online Health-Documentary Series I’ve watched.

Short notes are arranged alphabetically by topic, as in group #1 below. If a particular topic gets large enough to have its own page, it is moved, in alphabetic order to the groups below #1, and a “moved” note is added to the original page.

  1. Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics (Alphabetical order by title);most entries are by disease/issue; but some are by food or food category:
  2. Aging: Notes on Aging
  3. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases:
    1. Symptoms and Causes
    2. Nutrition: Foods & Supplements
    3. Diet & Livestyle Strategies
    4. Testing & Treatment
    5. Related Diseases & Disorders
    6. Brain & Nerve Health and Regeneration
    7. Other Sites:
  4. Bentonite Clay: Mixing Instructions (from Living Clay®)
  5. Cancer: Notes on Diagnosis and Treatment
  6. Coronavirus: SARS-CoV2 Virus and COVID-19 Disease
  7. Depression and Anxiety
  8.  Detox:
  9. Diet Solution and Metabolic Type, Cat’s notes from the Diet Solution video
  10. EMFs and the damage they cause (published draft; needs work); also add info from:
    1. Mercola: Top Tips to Detox Your Body on how to avoid EMF exposure
    2. Green Med Info: Scientific American Warns: 5G is Unsafe
  11. Food Sensitivities: How to Deal with Them
  12. Glutathione and related biochemicals
  13. Homeopathy, Introduction to
    1. Other Sites:
  14. Leaky Gut:
  15. Lectins: what they are and how to deal with them
  16. Scalp and Facial Eczema: Seborrheic Dermatitis and related post: Salicylic Acid Shampoo (for Seborrheic Dermatitis – Dandruff)
  17. Sotai: Self Exercises for whole-body health (transcribed from a handout)
  18. Zinc deficiency: How to test zinc levels at home