Top 26 Herbal Supplements You’re Not Taking

This list is from an ebook by Jason Prall ( See his eBook (pdf) for the benefits of each herb; for some, I’ve added benefits of interest to me, in parenthesis. I may add more information about each, as I learn more.

I’ve saved my copy: HEALTH-NUTRITION / 2 PODCASTS-ARTICLES / eBooks > Herbs-Top26-ebook_092321.pdf

  1. Triphala [I’ve been taking this for years]
  2. Neem
  3. Cascara Sagrada [I’ve taken this on/off over the years]
  4. Cats Claw
  5. Pacific Yew
  6. Hyssop
  7. Noni
  8. Soursop/Granviola
  9. Nettle
  10. Guduchi
  11. Guggul
  12. Gotu Kola (for memory and more)
  13. Ashwagandha (Adaptogen) [I take this for anxiety issues]
  14. Manjistha
  15. Kutki
  16. Shatavari (for liver and more)
  17. Tulsi [Adaptogen; I drink Tulsi tea off and on]
  18. Ajwain
  19. Cardamom [my fav spice]
  20. Fenugreek seed [balance blood sugar and more; I’ve added it to my daily smoothie, on and off over the years]
  21. Cumin [another spice I use frequently]
  22. Coriander seed [another spice I use frequently]
  23. Fennel seed [another spice I use frequently]
  24. He Shou Wu
  25. Rehmannia root
  26. Valerian root (for anxiety)

Here are some other supplements that many do not take:

  1. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) from ChrisBeatCancer ( I have an allergy to the sun’s rays, so I get my vitamin D from supplemental Vitamin D3, and from Blue Ice’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil, which is rich in both vitamins A and D.

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