Using a Springform Pan and an Alternative

By Cat, Jun 2014 (Photo, below, from Wikimedia Commons)

Includes: 1. Using a Springform Pan; 2. Alternative to a Springform Pan

Base and Wall of Soring-form Pan

Base and Wall of Soring-form Pan

Many of the cakes and tortes in my recipe collection are made using a springform pan. This is a type of steel pan made of two parts, as shown in photo, above:

  • Circular bottom (also called a ‘base’)
  • Tall collar (also called a ‘wall’) that locks into place around the bottom, with a spring-lock.

The great advantage of this type of pan is that it makes removing the baked cake much easier.

To prepare pan for baking:

  1. If recipe specifies to line the bottom of the pan with bakers parchment, cut the circle from the parchment to fit the bottom, then set aside.
  2. Place collar on base and lock in place.
  3. Butter, flour and/or add parchment, as specified in recipe. Common options are:
    • Grease bottom and inside of the collar (with butter or olive oil).
    • Lightly flour the butter on bottom and sides of pan (add flour; rotate and tap pan to distribute flour around bottom and sides; dump out excess flour).
    • Insert the round piece of parchment you set aside, onto the bottom of the pan (buttered first, or not, as specified). Some then butter the parchment.

After baking and cooling the cake:

  1. Run the blade of a table knife between the collar and cake, all around. Release the lock and remove the collar.
  2. Slide metal spatula or blade of table knife under the cake to release it from the base of the pan, and transfer to serving plate or tray. Or leave the cake on the base to serve.

Alternative to Springform Pan

Instead of a springform pan, you can use a round cake pan (2): 

  1. Grease sides and bottom of a round cake pan;
  2. Lightly flour the bottom and sides.
  3. Cut a round of bakers parchment paper and press onto the bottom;
  4. Cut a long 4″ wide strip (or 2 shorter strips) from the parchment, and press it around the insides of the pan to make a collar.


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