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Freezing meats

By Cat, July 2017 I have been wrapping meats with parchment paper, then placing in a plastic freezer bag to put in the freezer. But I’m trying to become plastic-free. I bought some freezer paper but found out it was … Continue reading

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Bone Broth, Crockpot Method

by Cat, June 11, 2017 (image, right, from Wikimedia Commons) I’ve always made my stocks/broths in a stockpot on stovetop. But I will soon be doing a dietary protocol to help me heal from an autoimmune disorder, that requires drinking … Continue reading

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Chantal enamel on steel cookware: use and care

By Cat, April 25, 2017 (Photo, right, by Chantal Corporation; item and link no longer available) I will be doing a 90-day protocol to heal from autoimmune thyroid, and one of the recommendations is to use enamel on steel or … Continue reading

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About Juicers

By Cat, February 2017. This posting has been moved from my February 2017 posting, Anti-Cancer Juices (as for a fast). Image, right from Omega Juicers (12); I do not necessarily endorse this juicer; I use its image because it is representative … Continue reading

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Lacto-fermented (pickled) garlic cloves

By Cat, Sept 2016 (Photo, right, form Wikimedia Commons) I had a huge crop of garlic this year, more than I can use, I gave a bunch to a neighbor, and have decided to pickle a quart by lacto-fermentation in a … Continue reading

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Lacto-Fermentation and Pickling (About)

By Cat, Sept 2016 (Photo, right, by Cat) The following article was originally written by me for The EssentiaList, the blog for our local sustainability group. I’ve updated it with learnings and new-findings. What are Pickling and Lacto-Fermentation? Pickling, or … Continue reading

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Thai Curry with Tofu

By Cat, November 2010 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) Tofu is a type of cheese made from soy. I don’t use it much because, in general, I avoid soy unless it is fermented. But it is a good protein source … Continue reading

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Ancient Healing Remedies for Every Home

by Catherine Haug, March 2, 2011; originally published on The EssentiaList (8a, 8b). What did people do to heal themselves and their family members from disease, prior to the age of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals? Probably the first thing that comes to … Continue reading

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Administer an Eye Wash

by Catherine Haug, Nov 24, 2015, (photo of Cannon Eye Cup, right, from Land Sea and Sky (3)). This article was originally published on The EssentiaList, for which I am the editor. Having something foreign in your eye – liquid or solid … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut (Lacto-Fermented)

By Cat, Jan 2016, from my Sept 19, 2008 Article on The EssentiaList (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) See also: 1. Culturing, Curing, Fermentation, & Tonic Articles, Recipes Menu; 2. Sides & Condiments Menu Sauerkraut is a food that goes back ages, to the … Continue reading

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