White Rice

Cooked white rice

Cooked white rice

by Cat, Nov 2013 (photo, right, from New health Guide.org (1))

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I was raised on Uncle Ben’s instant white rice, so it took me a long time to get used to the grainy flavor of brown rice. While I’ve grown to prefer brown rice, I’ve discovered I have a food sensitivity to it, so I include white rice in my diet again.

Freshly cooked raw white rice is more nutritious than instant white rice (like Uncle Ben’s), because the nutrients have not been cooked and dried out of the grain before packaging and reconstituting. 

Years ago, I discovered the best way to cook white rice for perfect results every time, in The Vegetarian Epicure, by Anna Thomas. Basically, you start with way more water in the pot than the rice will need, then when the rice reaches your desired level of tenderness, you simply pour off the excess water.

Choose a good quality, Organic white rice to avoid GMO. I like Basmati or Jasmine, which are both long-grain.

Basic White Rice

This method is from The Vegetarian Epicure, by Anna Thomas. No specific amounts are given, but 1 cup of white rice generally makes 3 cups of cooked rice.

  1. Start with a quart or more of filtered water in the pot or saucier to each cup of uncooked rice you intend to use.
  2. Salt the water, add a few drops of lemon juice, and a pat of butter. Bring to a boil.
  3. Meanwhile, rinse the rice well, then drip-dry in a colander or sieve until the pot of water comes to a boil.
  4. While the water is boiling, gradually add the grains of rice while stirring with a wooden spoon. Continue to cook in the boiling water about 15 minutes, uncovered.
  5. Fish out a few grains and test them for desired doneness. They should be tender but not mushy – al dente as the Italian say. (Some chefs think al dente means still difficult to bite through, but this is not true. You should be able to bite through them easily, without mashing up on your teeth).
  6. The instant it tests ‘just right,’ off the heat, remove the pot and drain the rice thoroughly. DO NOT run cold water over it, nor stir it, because it will mash. You can, however, toss it gently with two forks.
  7. Best if served right away.

However if you must wait, set the bowl of rice in the still warm but empty pot, and cover. This will keep it warm for a few minutes. Any longer and you will need to keep it hot in a colander over boiling water.

White rice doesn’t re-heat well, but if you must reheat it, bring water to a boil in a steamer, then off the heat. Place rice on the steamer rack and let steam for a few minutes to warm it.


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