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Omega 8004 Low RPM Juicer

By Cat, February 2017. This posting has been moved from my February 2017 posting, Anti-Cancer Juices (as for a fast). Image, right from Omega Juicers (12); I do not necessarily endorse this juicer; I use its image because it is representative of this type of juicer.

If you want to invest in an electric juicer for making your own fruit and veggie juices, there are a few things to consider. I got into this while watching Chris Wark’s Square One online cancer-coaching series (1).

Two basic types of juicers

  • Centrifugal:  “the fruits or vegetables are ripped apart with the spinning blades. The juice is then extracted from the pulp by spinning it at high speed producing a liquid that has been stripped of the pulp and fiber.” Removing the fiber may be important if you use the juicer for a detox juice fast (absence of fiber allows the digestive system to rest and heal). (10) These are usually more expensive.
  • Masticating: the juice is squeezed, pressed and then separated. Low-speed versions produce more juice, and “there is less introduction of air when compared to high speed centrifugal juicers. These are considered low RPM juicers. (10) 

Advantages to masticating juicers: as low-RPM juicers, they don’t produce heat that would damage the nutrients so they can be stored longer; they can juice greens such as wheatgrass and kale; they provide a better yield than centrifugal juicers; and you can also use them to make nut  or seed milks. (11)

Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer series recommends using a low RPM juicer (around 100 RPM), because high RPM oxidizes nutrients and enzymes in the raw ingredients, producing free-radicals and greatly reducing the health benefits of the juiced product. Chris Wark disagrees with this (3), but with my chemistry background, I would side with Ty on this; anything heated above about 120°F is at risk. See also Health Ambition blog (10) for a good discussion.

Negatives t0 asticating, low RPM juicers: Speed. Centrifugal juices make juicer very fast – in seconds – because the machine operates at high RPM. Masticating style juicers take more time – 5 to 10 minutes – as you have to ensure the pieces of fruit/veggies are small enough to go down the chute as they are added one at a time, waiting between each while the machine does the work.  (11)

To me, the biggest consideration is ease in cleaning the thing after use.

For a buyer’s guide rating of 10 different juicers (note, these change periodically), see Best Juicer Reviews Guide (11).

Juicers I’m studying 

I’m considering buying a juicer for detox fasting 2 – 4 times a year.

Chris Wark suggests the Champion 2000 Commercial Juicer (4) as the top-of-the-line for veggie juicing, but it is expensive. Other options he recommends are marked with an asterisk. (You can read the specs on the referenced links to Amazon):

  • Champion 2000 Commercial Juicer* (RPM not listed) (4)
  • Champion 2000 Household Juicer operates at a moderate RPM of 1725 (5)
  • Omega J8006*, operates at a low RPM of 80 (6)
  • Omega VRT350, operates at a low RPM of 80 (7)
  • L’Equip XL Juicer* at a high RPM of 10,000 (8)
  • Breville Juice Fountain Plus*, has two high RPM settings: 6500 and 12,000 (9)

I continue to research this and will add more as I learn about them.


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