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By Cat, July 19, 2019; minor update 5/28/22 (image, right, is from Wikimedia Commons).


I first discovered the health benefits of lemon water when I was making a batch of homemade lemonade using stevia extract powder as the sweetener. I took a small sip after mixing in the juice of a small lemon into a quart of cold water (before adding the stevia). It was so good, I drank a whole glass and I felt so incredibly good afterwards. Now I drink lemon water every day at the beginning of each meal. But after reading Livvi’s recipe, I may try adding ACV instead of taking powdered ACV in capsules every day.

I have been adding raw, local honey to my morning smoothie as an experiment, but now I’m going to try her “Super Syrup” recipe, which includes raw, local honey, instead.

The first 2 recipes are by Livvi Hess (1): Super Syrup, and Lemon Water & ACV Tonic; I learned about them from a Dr. Pompa newsletter. They are simple to make, but you must use high-quality ingredients as specified in the recipes; anything of lower quality will introduce new toxins.

A Jonathan Bailor newsletter led me to the 3rd recipe, curated by Jillian Levy (4): Lemon Water & Sea Salt.

Getting the most benefit of these health-promoting beverages

Livvi states, “These health tonics work best if you keep at it — make sure you drink them as directed for at least a week to begin experiencing the myriad of health benefits they offer.” Her recommendation is also true of the third recipe: lemon and sea salt water.

Note: Liivi is very specific about the quality of the ingredients, as am I. If you can’t afford the best quality, you may as well not bother, because you will be disappointed with the results.

Super Syrup

Photo, right, from Global Healing Center (3).

Raw Apple Cider Vinega

This recipe is by Livvi Hess (1). “This can relieve constipation, reduce inflammation, support kidney function, promote heart health, prevent or fight urinary tract infections, protect against bacterial, fungal or viral attack and keep the common cold at bay.”

Recipe and Storage

  1. Combine the following in a Mason jar:
    • 2 cups raw, Organic apple cider vinegar; must contain the “mother” [I use Braggs brand; see photo, above right]
    • 1 cup raw, local honey (preferably Organic)* and
    • 2 tsp Organic cinnamon [not sure whether true cinnamon or cassia is meant; perhaps use 1 tsp of each, as each has its own benefits]
  2. Keep in a “cool dry area, keeping in mind that placing it in the fridge will cause the honey to harden and settle to the bottom.”

*NOTE from Livvi: “Raw means that the honey has not been pasteurized, a process to increase its shelf life but can render it biologically inactive by killing off the active enzymes in the honey — the reason it’s such a potent ingredient.

How to take

Cat’s notes:

  • Aug ’22: I’ve not yet tried this. It’s getting harder and harder to find quality raw, local honey where I live (because GMO canola is raised in all parts of our valley; if the bees feed on canola blooms, their honey gets contaminated with the GMO canola).
  • July ’19: In the summer, I would make a half-recipe because it is just me taking this tonic, and it is hard to find a “cool dry area” in my house – I use a dark lower cupboard, but in the summer it is at least 70°F there.

“A couple of sips in the morning, and again at night are enough to ensure you enjoy all of the nurturing benefits of this tonic.” (1)

Health-aid: Lemon water and ACV tonic

Glass Citrus Juicer

(Image, right, from Amazon, by HIC (ASIN B004780HX6))

This recipe is also by Livvi Hess (1). Aug ’22: I’ve not yet tried this version with the ACV, mainly because I like the “just lemon water” version so much. However, I should try it, because I have insulin resistance.

If you don’t already know this, lemon water (juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons in a quart of water is one of the best things to take when you are dehydrated, or to prevent dehydration). I drink an 8-oz glass at the beginning of each meal. Liivi’s version adds apple cider vinegar (ACV). Note that ACV is also beneficial for those with insulin resistance or Type-2 diabetes.

Be sure to use freshly squeezed lemon juice, as the bottled form has been pasteurized and has lost most of its benefits. Keep your juice-squeezing tool handy.

Drinking this mix each morning, as soon as you wake up and before you put anything else in your stomach, is an excellent way to start your day. It:

  • stimulates digestion (2),
  • expels toxins from the liver, and
  • supports your digestive enzymes for a busy day ahead.

Recipe for one serving:

  1. Combine in an 8 – 10 oz glass:
    • Half a glass of warm, filtered water (the best is from a clean, cool stream that tumbles over rocks)
    • Juice of ½ Organic lemon [be sure to wash off the peel with a vinegar-water spray]
    • 1 rough teaspoon of raw, Organic apple cider vinegar; must contain the “mother” [I use Braggs brand – see photo, above right]

How to make and take

Each morning, fill an 8 – 10 oz glass half-full with warm water, squeeze in lemon juice, and stir in the ACV. Add more warm, filtered water to fill the glass. Sip it slowly and let it work its magic!

Cat’s note: After squeezing the juice, I like to cut part of the peel and pulp into thin strips and add to the water/juice mix, as the peel and pulp have many good nutrients. The remaining peel/pulp I chop into cubes and add to a jar of my fermented citrus.

Healing Morning Tonic: Lemon Water and Sea Salt

Pink Salt

Image, right, of Himalayan sea salt (aka “Pink salt” from Wikimedia Commons). See also my article Salt (About) for more about this salt.

This recipe by by Jillian Levy (4) is a “quick morning drink … boosts your energy, detoxifies your liver, improves your digestion, and even helps some women over 40 burn fat for the whole day?” It is best to drink first thing in the morning, for maximum benefits, which are (4):

  1. Aiding weight loss. As a rich source of polyphenols, lemons may help you gain less weight, and even lose some (based on a study using mice on a high-fat diet).
  2. Preventing disease.Lemons and sea salt are both loaded with minerals and trace elements (including antioxidants) that keeps disease away; some compounds in lemons even kill cancer cells.
  3. Fighting inflammationLemons remove uric acid in joints, a major cause of inflammation and arthritis; and also help lower uric acid in blood.
  4. Improving immune function.As a rich source of vitamin C, lemons boost immunity.
  5. Balancing the body’s PH Levels. Lemon provides alkalinity and sea salt helps balance PH.


This from an article in Jonathan Bailor’s newsletter, curated by Jillian Levy (4):

“Stir ¼ teaspoon Himalayan salt and the juice of 1 lemon into an 8-10-ounce glass of warm [filtered] water. Drink up and enjoy the healing power of Himalayan salt and lemon water!”

I’ve made this many times – whenever I can find Himalayan salt – and I do find it healthful.

I also make a more diluted form (juice of 1 – 2 lemon slices and pinch of sea salt per 12 – 16 oz filtered water) in my stainless steel thermos next to my bed, to drink during night as I get thirsty.


  1. Liivi Hess article:
  2., an article by Mike Geary

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