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Cancer Causes

See also “Cancer: Its True Cause and Treatment (hidden since WWII) – The Warburg Method” in the “Treatment” section near bottom of page.

Vitamins that May Heal, or May Cause/Worsen Cancer

I just got an email with a link to a video about vitamins and cancer. These videos are long and you can’t quickly move through them. So I did a search on “which vitamin is linked to cancer” and found a great article on Science Based Medicine site. It states:

“Dr. Tim Byers presented the study, which echoes the result of a 2012 review that he and others published. He specifically refers to two famous studies showing an increased risk of cancer from vitamins.

The 2011 SELECT trial found an overall increased risk of prostate cancer among men taking vitamin E.

It has also been shown, first in a 1994 NEJM study, that high doses of beta carotene [a form of vitamin A] increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers and those exposed to asbestos.”

On the other hand, the article also states (note: the links are from the original article):

Folic acid [one of the B-vitamins] and cancer risk is a more complex topic. There is evidence that taking folate reduces the risk of breast and possibly colon cancer. There is a “U” shaped relationship between dose and cancer risk, however: Women with daily dietary folate intake between 153 and 400 μg showed a significant reduced breast cancer risk compared with those <153 μg, but not for those >400 μg.

There is preliminary evidence that higher doses of folate may increase cancer risk.”

Cat’s conclusion from reading the article: Vitamins directly from foods have less risk of causing cancer and have higher value in avoiding cancer. Vitamin supplements are more risky; don’t over-dose.

See also: 1. Vitamin E and Cancer; 2. Vitamin supplements and cancer risk: the epidemiologic evidence; 3. Dr. Weil: Can B-Vitamins Cause Cancer?

Cancer Prevention:

3 Ways to Prevent Liver Damage and Liver Cancer

See also my Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics, J – P under “Liver Detox.”

from TTAC:

Here are the 3 ways (see more detail in the article); see the article for lots more about liver damage and cancer, and how to prevent it.

  1. Stop eating processed pork products
  2. Avoid Aspartame (an artificial sweetener)
  3. Detox regularly

Foods, Herbs with Anticancer Properties

See also “Treatment” section, below

From Green Med Info:; see article for more details.

  1. Fruits: Citrus fruits have the biggest impact, but it’s best to mix it up. I eat apple, several types of berries (frozen if fresh not in season), tomato, orange and lemon (including peel) every day, and other fruits like plums, pears, apricots when in season.
  2. Cruciferous vegetables (see also Cancer Prevention: Broccoli and other Crucifers, below). This includes cauliflower, cabbage, kale, broccoli and Brussels sprout according to the GMI article; I also add turnips and rutabagas – especially the leaves.
  3. Turmeric: This spice provides the best benefits when combined with a quality fat such as coconut oil, ghee, or the fat from pasture-raised/finished meats. Liposomal turmeric supplements are also helpful. Adding freshly ground black pepper (for piperine) also boosts the good effects of turmeric.
  4. Coffee: it’s best to use freshly roasted and ground coffee beans to make your coffee. Serve it hot anytime, or chilled in the summer. According to the GMI article, its benefits against liver cancer are mounting. I have 1 – 2 cups coffee most days at lunchtime.
  5. Green tea: I used to drink this fairly often when I lived in Portland where there were several Asian restaurants. But since returning to Montana, is don’t drink it so often – I need to think about that!


From Conquering Cancer (, check out the article for more info.

Beta-glucans are a substance found in breads (from grains); they are a “5,000 year old ‘goo’ may hold the key to unlocking your body’s ability to fight (and win) against cancer.” [Beta-glucans are also found in some mushrooms and yeasts.]

Scientists have locked on to a powerful healing compound called Beta Glucan. It’s a natural molecule that’s found in oats, barley, mushrooms, and even a “bread  fungus” that’s been safely used by Humans for the last 5,000 years. 

This simple yet powerful compound is all-natural and side effect free. And when it’s isolated, it has the power to restore your body’s innate primal immunity — significantly enhancing your immune system to help your body fight against cancer and many other diseases.”

From  Wikipedia, beta-glucans “comprise a group of β-D-glucose polysaccharides naturally occurring in the cell walls of cereals, bacteria, and fungi, with significantly differing physicochemical properties dependent on source.

Garlic/lemon duo: 

From Chris Wark’s e-Book (pdf), about a Garlic/lemon duo that destroys breast cancer cells (and potentially other cancers, too:

“Garlic is the #1 anti-cancer vegetable thanks to its unique combination of phytochemicals and organosulphur compounds, the most well known being allicin (thiosulfonate). …

Note: Cooking garlic significantly reduces its anti-cancer activity. So it is best to consume it raw. If you cook with garlic, let it sit for at least 15-20 minutes after chopping, before cooking it. This preserves the potency of some of the anti-cancer compounds created by chewing or chopping raw garlic.

Citrus fruits such as lemons are rich in anti-cancer compounds like limonene, especially in the peels.

Researcher Dr. Wamidh Talib hypothesized that combining garlic and lemon extracts might increase the anti-cancer activity of garlic by providing the acidic environment needed to enhance organosulphur compound production, and by adding more phytochemicals from lemons with possible anticancer activity. …

According to Dr. Wahmid Talib, the author of the study, who has been drinking this concoction for many years, the best way to consume garlic lemon extract is in a 3:1 ratio, 300 grams of lemon and 100 grams of garlic blended in 16 ounces of water, then strained. If you don’t have a scale, this is roughly 3-4 large bulbs of garlic and three average size lemons. The formula doesn’t have to be precise.

  • Peel and chop a bulb of garlic. Let the garlic sit for 15-20 minutes after chopping to activate beneficial anti- cancer compounds.
  • Put the garlic and the unpeeled lemons in a blender together with 16 oz of water.
  • Blend the mixture until it is liquified. Avoid blending so long that it gets hot and “cooks” it.
  • Pour the liquid into a wire strainer, nut milk straining bag, cheesecloth, or pantyhose… I used a nut milk bag.
  • Strain the liquid and squeeze every last drop out.

The lemon garlic extract is now ready for your enjoyment. Put it in an airtight glass jar and store in the fridge. It will stay fresh for between one to two weeks. You can also freeze it.

Drink 100 ml (about 3 oz) of lemon garlic extract after a meal, 1-3 times per day. This concentration is more than 5 times the amount of garlic and more than 17 times the amount of lemon given to mice in the study. If you weigh 70 kg (154 lbs), this will give you roughly 285 mg/kg garlic and 857 mg/kg lemon per serving. …

If we drink the lemon garlic juice daily, we are increasing the concentration of [important] phytochemicals in our bodies to reach the point that it can fight and prevent cancer. It is also preventive. It is not only for treatment. …

Remember, this is NOT medical advice. If you are taking pharmaceutical drugs make sure there aren’t any contraindications with the drugs you are taking. Any time you consume concentrated plant extracts you do so at your own risk.”

Cancer Prevention

Broccoli and other Crucifers

From TTAC article: Cruciferous Vegetables Protect Against Cancer

“Every time you eat broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts, your body converts a key nutrient found in these tasty foods into another one that science has been aggressively researching for its anti-cancer potential.

This converted nutrient, known as 3,3′-Diindolylmethane, or DIM, has shown incredible promise in the fight against cancer, demonstrating powerful chemo-protective action that may help in the prevention, suppression, and even reversal of cancer.”

It goes on to detail how DIM destroys tumors

From Green Med Info articles: How to Get More Cancer Protection From Broccoli, written by their research group, and Top 10 Reasons to Eat Your Cruciferous Veggies. See the article for more detail. See also: Top 10 Reasons to Eat your Cruciferous Veggies.

  • It takes only “3 – 5 servings per week of [cruciferous veggies] to obtain cancer-prevention benefits;”
  • They have “been shown to kill the stem cells that make cancer immortal;”
  • All crucifers contain an anti-cancer compound called sulfurophane; sprouting their seeds produces even more of this important substance.
  • They contain a live [active] enzyme called myrosinase that is needed to produce sulfurophane. Unfortunately, myrosinase is inactivated if the crucifer is cooked too long. It is set if steamed or braised only 2 – 4 minutes. Don’t overcook! Or eat raw broccoli sprouts. If you eat powdered versions of these veggies, make sure they have been processed and dried in a way to contain the active enzyme.

In the same newsletter from Green Med Info is another broccoli article, on sulfurophane’s ability to stimulate brain regeneration:

Cancer-killing plant family:

Wormwood and mugwort are 2 members of the large Artemisia family, and both are known to be effective cancer-killers, according to article by Lee Euler, based on research: Common Garden Plant Doubles as Cancer Killer. I suspect all members of the artemesia family probably have anti-cancer action, because all produce artemisinin.  His references:

  1. Lai, H. and Singh, N.P. Selective toxicity of dihydroartemisinin and holotransferrin toward human breast cancer cells. Life Sciences, 70:49-56,2001
  2. Harrill, R. 2001, Nov. 26. Ancient Chinese folk remedy may hold key to non-toxic cancer treatment. University of Washington. Retrieved June 8, 2010 from
  3. Lai, H. and Singh, N.P. Selective cancer cell cytoxicity from exposure in dihydroartemisinin and holotransferrin, Cancer Letters, 91:41-46, 1995
  4. Singh, N.P. and Verma, K.B. Case report of a laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma treated with artesunate. Archive of Oncology 2002;10(4):279-80. Retrieved June 8, 2010 from

Cancer-killing mineral

Called “clarion-55” in an article by Dr. Allen Spreen, but I don’t know what that is, so I’m searching the web. Lee Euler talks about:

  • “Iodoral” which is a combination of iodine (the element) and iodide (the salt form as potassium iodide) in just the right amount to kill cancer cells; he recommends 12.5 mg dose for a short period of time – when you are diagnosed (not something to take daily for the long term); and
  • “Lugols”, a mix of iodine (element) and potassium iodide (salt), but doesn’t give the dosage. 1 drop of 10% solution provides 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide for total of 12.5 mg dose per lugols chart. My  bottle of Lugols doesn’t indicate the percentage; I need to call Evergreen Pharmacy. See Amazon for several bottle sizes of Iodoral in the 12.5 mg dose; for example, ASIN B079V2PWFS.

See  also Heal Yourself at Home article about cancer treatment with iodine


This section also includes some info about diagnosis and prevention.

Cancer Treatment: Things to Consider

This list is from an email by Steve of (in Bozeman MT), concerning breast cancer, but most of it applies to any type of cancer. He prefaced this with a disclaimer: “this isn’t medical advice, and I’m not a Doctor. This is what I’d personally be trying if I was facing Cancer and the same statistics I mentioned above.” [I’ve added my notes in brackets and indented.]

  1. I’d follow a Keto Diet or at least a very low carbohydrate, all organic, real food diet
    • [I agree]
  2. If body weight and ability allows, I would do a 3-10 day water fast once a month (or before treatments)
    • [Because of my hypoglycemia, I can’t do a water fast, but I would do a 5 – 7 day veggie juice fast (from Wellness Education Center in Kalispell MT).]
  3. I’d likely go forward with the recommended radiation (depending on location and situation)
    • [I would NOT do this – radiation causes cancer, and I’ve had too much accumulative radiation in my life-span.]
  4. I personally wouldn’t do any type of chemotherapy.
    • [I agree]
  5. In many of +/- combos of breast cancer, estrogen blocking drugs are usually given. This is a highly debatable treatment. The science on these drugs are terrible and the side effects of shutting off all estrogen in a woman’s body is gnarly. Please do your own research on this. Read the book “Estrogen Matters.” It’s a highly individual decision, but there’s a case to be made to go on something like “The Wiley Protocol” using higher estrogen… or simply not doing the estrogen drugs to begin with.
    •  [I would do my research and consult my naturopath before messing with estrogen.]
  6. I would get high dose Vitamin C IV treatments.
    • [I agree]
  7. I would take Curumin daily in the amount of 1500mg-3000mg
    • [I agree, but not sure I could take that much without developing a food sensitivity]
  8. I would take Bromelain daily in the amount of 500-1000mg.
    • [I’d have to look into this]
  9. I would take Modified Citrus Pectin daily in the amount of 20 grams.
    • [I agree, but not sure I could take that much without developing a food sensitivity]
  10. I would undergo 3-8 guided therapy sessions with MDMA or Psilocybin or Ketamine
    • [not sure about this-I’d need to do research on this.]
  11. I would do Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments daily (if possible)
    • [I agree, if available in my community]
  12. If overweight or insulin resistant, I would take Metformin
    • [I do have insulin resistance but will not take Metformin; I’d seek advice from my naturopath.]
  13. I would take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) before bed
    • [I agree]
  14. I would start start AcetoCare right away. These basic studies abroad show amazing results.
    • [I would consider this – I’m not familiar with it.]

Cancer: 20 Questions to Ask your Oncologist

From Chris Wark (; includes 3-min video. The questions are in groups: Diagnosis, Treatment, Curative, Palliative, Diet, Testing, References, Money, and Final Questions. See also:

Natural and Herbal Treatments


“Story at a Glance,” from Mercola article  (5/29/22)( I’ve saved this as a pdf: HEALTH-NUTRITION > PODCASTS-ARTICLES > MERCOLA /

  • Original version: Mistletoe-EmergingFuture-IntegrativeOncology_052922.pdf
  • 6/12/22 update version: MistletoeEmergingFutureIntegrativeOncoloty_DrNashaWinters_061222.pdf
    • “Mistletoe, a semi-parasitic plant that grows in the branches of trees all over the world, has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years for conditions such as epilepsy, spleen disorders, pain and rheumatic conditions
    • In 1917, Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher with keen observation skills, noticed that mistletoe looks a lot like a tumor, and proposed it might have anticancer properties. Dr. Ita Wegman confirmed Steiner’s suspicion, and the plant has since enjoyed over 100 years of consistent application in oncology, both standalone and as adjuvant support
    • Intravenous or subcutaneous mistletoe appears beneficial as an adjunct therapy for all cancers, and there are no drug or health contraindications. Even the most toxic treatments work better and with fewer adverse effects when combined with mistletoe
    • Mistletoe is the most studied integrative oncology therapy in the world, and it is utilized in upward of 60% to 80% of all cancer patients in Europe
    • Your immune system and metabolic function are both integral parts of addressing cancer, and mistletoe works on both”

Cancer of the Breast: What to do after diagnosis

From Mercola article:

He strongly suggests seeing a holistic cancer practitioner upon diagnosis, to walk you through your options – both holistic and traditional medicine. The time to use holistic treatment is BEFORE chemo and radiation, if you want to have positive results from the holistic treatment. Why? Because chemo and radiation do too much damage that cannot be un-done by any treatment (holistic or oncology).

Foundational basics of many holistic cancer treatment plans include nutritional ketosis, intermittent fasting and vitamin D optimization. Other helpful adjuncts include hyperbaric oxygen, cryotherapy, exercise, detoxification and avoiding toxic exposures of all kinds.” He discusses the following holistic options in the article:

  • addressing emotions
  • nutritional basics, including nutritional ketosis
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cryotherapy
  • vitamin D optimization
  • sauna (detox)
  • minimize exposure to EMFs
  • minimize exposure to environmental toxins
  • 8-hours of high-quality sleep
  • avoid frying and charbroiling (to avoid acrylamide, a known carcinogen)
  • avoid all processed foods (to avoid toxic additives and treatments)

Personally, I would see a holistic practitioner after ANY cancer diagnosis, not just breast cancer. And I would also do a cleansing of my blood with Hoxey tincture from Swan Valley Herbs, and veggie juice fasts from Wellness Education Center.

Baking Soda: for Cancer Treatment and Prevention of Metastasis 

See Mercola article: The following are his notes from the beginning of the article (bold text is my addition; also text in brackets):

  • Research shows fungi can migrate from your gut to your pancreas, where it can contribute to the development of pancreatic cancer. In mouse and human models, pancreatic tumors contain 3,000 times more fungi than normal pancreatic tissue
  • Pancreatic tumors had far greater amounts of a common fungal genus called Malassezia. Using an antifungal drug was found to be protective, slowing down the progression of the tumor
  • The fungi trapped in the pancreas appears to drive tumor growth by activating MBL (mannose-binding lectin), a liver protein that triggers an immune mechanism involved in fighting infections
  • Solid tumors excrete acid and the spread of cancer cells is stimulated by acidic conditions in the surrounding tissues. Acid is a byproduct of glucose metabolism, which ties in with research showing cancer feeds on and is accelerated by a diet high in sugar
  • Previous research suggests baking soda can be helpful for inhibiting cancer metastasis [by neutralizing acidity]. It also appears to improve the effectiveness of other cancer treatments.

His article (new the end) also includes a list of links e to other Mercola articles on cancer prevention by use of nutritional ketosis.

Cancer: Its True Cause and Treatment (hidden since WWII) – The Warburg Method

From Dr Richard Gerhauser; a sales pitch for the book, The Secrets of Underground Medicine by Brad Lemley, which includes a section on the Warburg Method. See video or transcript . [I saved transcript as a pdf: TrueCauseCancer-DrWarburg.pdf]. However, while the video offers the book for free, along with 2 other gifts, you have to pay $74 for a 1-year subscription to Natural Health Response daily email newsletters). You can buy the book on Amazon for $195 (ASIN B073RNTTBY).

Dr Warberg, one of Hitler’s doctors, discovered the cause and the treatment. All cancer starts with mitochondrial dysfunction – they burn only sugar, which leads to cancer. When the body tells such cells to self-destruct, they cannot do that because self-destruction requires properly functioning mitochondria. A deadly circle. The cure involves cutting off the fuel supply (sugar) to the cancer cells. No pharmaceuticals are needed to do this. The cure is not disclosed in the video.

Video also discusses simple cures for:

  • Type-2 diabetes, with a simple “eating trick;”
  • Arthritic joint pain (also included in the book): CLG9 that regrows the healthy cartilage that cushions your joints, so the pain goes away.
  • and more.

Cannabis and Cancer:

(from Mercola). “CBD and THC together appears more effective against cancer than either of them in isolation. The sequence of administration also matters; when administered after chemotherapy, it induced greater apoptosis (cell death) than when administered prior to chemo.”

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