Notes on natural health/healing topics: A – C

By Cat, beginning Feb 2018

These notes are from various health documentary videos and websites, as noted for each item. Topics are in alphabetical order. The article was getting too long, so I’ve separated it into four articles.

See also: 1. Natural Health Topics Menu; 2. Notes by section: A – C , below; D – GH – PQ – Z 

AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration)

See Notes on Eye Health 



Antibiotics and probiotics:

Mercola article shares information from recent studies about what probiotics are best to take when you have to take antibiotics. Antibiotics are non-discriminatory and kill not only the bad but also the good bugs in our gut. 

Taking regular probiotics used to be recommended to help restore the gut microbiome after taking antibiotics, but “recent research casts doubt on the standard recommendation to reseed your gut with probiotics after taking a course of antibiotics, finding Lactobacillus bacteria actually inhibits the recovery of your gut microbiome.” 

Instead, spore-based probiotics are recommended because they “do not contain any live Bacillus strains, only its spores, which means antibiotics cannot kill them. Sporebiotics may therefore be able to reestablish your gut microbiome more effectively than regular probiotics when taken in conjunction with antibiotics.

Also, glyphosate (in RoundUp) is a patented antibiotic, so if you eat foods that have been sprayed with glyphosate – the most common foods are GMO soy, corn and canola, and also non-Organic grains which are sprayed with glyphosate to hasten drying of the grains before harvest. So if you eat foods sprayed with glyphosate, you should change to sporebiotics. See also Cat’s article: Detox Glyphosate (Roundup) from your Body.

Anxiety & Depression

See Depression & Anxiety notes


See also Joints on Notes: H – P 

Bad foods for Arthritis 

From, a video. In reverse order: (my notes not yet complete)

#5: Grains (especially gluten grains) and refined carbs that provide sugar. Fibrin is the key – it is protective of injuries, but if it builds up, it causes inflammation and pain






References (for bad foods for arthritis list):

    • Adler A, Holub B. Effect of garlic and fish-oil supplementation on serum lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in hypercholesterolemic men. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1997 Feb;65(2):445-50.
    • NIAMS, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA. Arthritis & Rheumatology (Impact Factor: 7.87).06/1998; 41(5):778-99. DOI: 10.1002/1529-0131(199805)41:5<778::AID-ART4>3.0.CO;2-V Source: PubMed
    • Hürlimann, David, Frank Enseleit, and Priv-Doz Dr Frank Ruschitzka. “Rheumatoide arthritis, inflammation und atherosklerose.” Herz 29.8 (2004): 760-768.
    • Schett, Georg. “Rheumatoid arthritis: inflammation and bone loss.” Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 156.1-2 (2006): 34-41.

Black Seed Oil (Black cumin):

From Sayer Ji (GreenMed Info) Use topically for osteoarthritis, 1 ml, 3x/day. Can also take orally for this and other issues. 8/27/18: will order to give it a try. See my article on Arthritis for my experience.

Atherosclerosis (clogged arteries)

7 ways to prevent/reverse atherosclerosis

(from Green Med Info; see the article for its references)

  1. B Vitamins complex, especially 2.5 mg folate, 25 mg Vitamin B6, and 0.5mg Vitamin B12 for 1 year, resulted in significant reductions in arterial thickness.
  2. Garlic is known to regress plaque buildup in the arteries.
  3. Pomegranate also known to regress plaque buildup in the arteries.
  4. Fermented cabbage (kimchi), which includes fermented cabbage, hot pepper, and various other ingredients, including fermented fish, appears to stall the atherosclerotic process in the animal model. Also bacteria from fermentation are capable of degrading toxic chemicals that can additional bodily harm.
  5. L-arginine (amino acid) reduces thickening of arteries. addressing the underlying dysfunction associated with cardiovascular disease: endothelial dysfunction. It is capable of addressing the underlying dysfunction associated with cardiovascular disease: endothelial dysfunction.
  6. Turmeric prevents damage to the arteries associated with blockage (neointima formation).
  7. Sesame seed is an excellent cardio-protective substance, ideally suited for preventing the progression of atherosclerosis. One animal study found it was capable of preventing atherosclerosis lesion formation.


See Dr. Jockers’ article Autophagy: What is It and 8 Ways to Enhance It, for more detail. “… autophagy — your body’s natural method of detoxification. … Autophagy happens when your body recycles and gets rid of old or excess cells (like fat) that don’t serve a purpose or benefit your health.

From his article: Top 5 Benefits of Autophagy:

  1. “Getting rid of senescent cells … older cells that are not functioning at a high level;
  2. Improving mitochondrial health;
  3. Eliminating viral infected cells;
  4. Reduces cellular apoptosis;
  5. Creates a stronger and more stress-Resilient body and mind.”

He also lists 8 ways to optimize autophagy, but I have not copied them here; you can read his article, instead.


How to Prevent and Reverse Autoimmune Disease:

See Autoimmune How To Guide (pdf) by Jonathan Otto. File saved in CATSFORK > PDF Files / AutoimmuneHowToGuide_v3.pdf

Autoimmune Diet: Top 12 Foods to Reduce Inflammation:

See Cat’s Kitchen: Notes on Natural Health and Healing Topics: H  – P and scroll down to “Inflammation Diet” for my notes, originally from Dr. Jocker’s article on the Autoimmune Diet

Baking Soda for health and anti-cancer 

From Lee Euler article in Start with 1 tsp in glass of water 1 – 2 times a day for a week on empty stomach (well after a meal), then reduce dosage. You can do home test with pH strips to see how you are doing and adjust dose accordingly (article doesn’t give best pH). I wonder if taking bitters and soda helps.. See also:  “Baking soda might stave off inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases, research finds.” By Tamim Alnuweiri, 30 April 2018. 

Related articles on soda waters:

  1. Benefits of soda-water on health (lists several conditions) 
  2. Difference Between Seltzer and Club Soda
  3. Difference between Sparkling water and Soda water
  4. Difference Between Water and Mineral water
  5. Difference Between Club Soda And Tonic Water
  6. Difference Between Bicarbonate and Baking Soda


A natural antibiotic, and more!

From Dr Mark Hyman email (saved as Berberine n Microbiome_DrMMurray (pdf))

Berberine is a healing constituent of the roots of  goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape, and golden thread. It shows great promise for treating many health issues including insulin resistance/Type-2 diabetes, neuro-degenerative diseases, and supporting a healthy gut, among many of its actions. 

Regarding the gut microbiome: it promotes  the growth of Akkermansia muciniphila leading to an improved intestinal barrier, reduced circulating levels of gut-derived toxins, and a significant reduction in inflammation. It also increases the levels of Bifidobacterium, which also promotes intestinal health, reduces absorption of gut-derived toxins, and reduces gut and systemic inflammation.


Binder of toxins and heavy metals

(Jonathan Landsman) 

Bitter herbs

Such as Dr Sade’s Bitters (Wendy Myers) to stimulate liver bile and other key digestive elements.Formula #9 ingredients: Aerial parts (dandelion, milk thistle, Solidago virgaurea); roots (gentian, burdock), and essential oils (sweet orange, myrrh, juniper and clove) to spray into water. This is different from Angostura bitters and Swedish bitters. See also for more info. Interesting that it uses dandelion (aerial parts) rather than root, as the latter is also well known for liver/bile support.

Black Seed Oil (Black cumin):

moved to Arthritis section, above)

Bladder infections:

See Q (none) – Z (Zinc deficiency) for “UTI Infections.”


Bone Density Scans, and Density vs Strength of Bone

See Green Med Info article by Sayer Ji on this topic (

His lead-in to the article:
The present-day definitions of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis were arbitrarily conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the early 90’s and then projected upon millions of women’s bodies seemingly in order to convince them they had a drug-treatable, though symptomless, disease.
One of the biggest misconceptions perpetrated by conventional medicine practitioners is equating “mineral density” with “strength” of the bone. Sayer Ji points out in his article:
mineral density of the bone .. is not the same thing as bone quality/strength. …Indeed, in some cases having higher bone density indicates that the bone is actually weaker” 
because the higher bone density makes the bone more brittle. He goes on to write: 
One of the most important facts about bone mineral density, conspicuously absent from discussion, is that having higher-than-normal bone density in middle-aged and older women actually INCREASES their risk of breast cancer by 200-300%, and this is according to research published in some of the world’s most well-respected and authoritative journals, e.g. Lancet, JAMA, NCI.
It is also important to note that very high doses of calcium recommended for those diagnosed with “osteopenia” or “osteoporosis” may cause more harm than good. For one thing, it is very important to have the right balance of calcium and magnesium. Many of us, especially women, are deficient in magnesium, and taking high doses of calcium will only make that worse.
The 2,000 mg RDA of calcium is based on a from that is not readily absorbed: calcium carbonate. In fact only about 10%, or 200 mg, is absorbed. Better forms are calcium citrate, ascorbate or malate, of which you only need 200 – 250 mg per day. However the best forms are from whole foods, such as greens. Note, however, that you can only absorb the calcium from greens that are braised in a good quality oil (olive, avocado or coconut oil). The calcium and other minerals in raw greens are bound-up by oxalates that are only broken down by these oils. Eating the greens in raw or steamed form does not provide absorbable calcium. See my post: Basic Braised Greens (About) for instructions.

Botanical Research made easy:

From Sayer Ji (GreenMedInfo) has developed a new tool that makes searching for research studies on particular natural remedies. See his article/video: I shared this with Swan Valley Herbs, and Dr Gordon. Link to his Research Dashboard: 

Brain and Nerve Health

Brain, Sleep and Joint Cartilage:

From a sales pitch by Dr Spreen, for LunaFlex PM supplement ( [I note the LunaFlex PM supplement is Expensive: 1 bottle costs $50 and lasts 30 days at suggested dose of 2/day at dinner.] Contains 3 ingredients:

  1. Valerian root – It is one of the main ingredients in the Lunaflex PM formula. It is a sleeping aid that helps people to fall asleep a factor that is quite essential in people suffering from joint pain. However, some people have sensitivity issues.*
  2. Collagen – It is a fundamental ingredient that supports growth of the cartilage tissue in the joints that aid in better mobility levels, eliminating the pain and above all repairing any damaged tissue
  3. Perluxan Hops Extract – This ingredient assists in regulating body enzymes produced when a person is hurt causing inflammation. Hops block the functionality of these enzymes ensuring* that the inflammation subsides in a short while.

* See Consumer Health Digest for more info and other supplements that may help:

Nutritional support to reverse neurological degeneration

Neurological degeneration results from oxidation of neurological tissue by free radicals; heavy metals such as mercury are the most common cause. But it can be prevented by getting the right nutrients in your daily diet. Whole foods are the best source, but many of us eat primarily processed foods that are deficient in important nutrients for brain health.

The following info is from a video sales pitch for expensive Vitaae supplement (; also 2 Critical Brain Boosting Nutrients (CoQ-10 and L-Carnitine), from Jonathan Bailor that provides text to accompany the video sales pitch, including food sources and issues with supplement versions of these two nutrients.

Vitaae active ingredients from 3 Vitaae capsules (½ daily dose, from the product label), which you can use to find less expensive sources:

  • Vitamin D (cholecalciferol), [Vitamin D3]: 125 mcg (5000 IU)
  • Folate (methtyl-tetrahydrofolic acid): 667 mcg DFE
  • Blend of acetyl L-carnitine HCL, L-carnitine tartrate, Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract, Omega-3 fatty acid concentrate from fish oil: 1800 mg
  • Citicoline (Cognizin®): 100 mg
  • Coenzyme Q-10 – cyclodextrin complex: 50 mg

I use the following supplements as my source of the above nutrients (daily dose):

  • Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil (exact amounts not provided; varies by fish):
    • vitamins A and D3 in natural 10:1 balance (approximate),
    • essential Omega-3 fats DHA and EPA;
  • Mercola Whole Food Multi (contains many vitamins/minerals including the following):
    • choline: 60 mg
    • folate (vitamin B-9): 665 mcg
    • vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol): 125 mg
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (powder): 1200 mg, added to my smoothie
  • Sunflower lecithin – provides phosphatidyl choline: 420 mg
  • Ubiquinol (a form of Co-Q10 that is easier for the body to use): 50 mg (I take 2x daily)

I used to take herbal Gymnema sylvestre powder for my insulin resistance, but it didn’t help with that, so I quit taking it.

From the CoQ10 and L-Carnitine article:

Four main causes of neurological inflammation.

It always helps to minimize your exposure to the following first three causes as much as possible (it is impossible to avoid them altogether), but this still will not totally prevent or heal brain inflammation. The fourth cause is totally within your control

  1. Standard American Diet: Regularly eating a diet of carbs, sugar, processed fats, and highly processed foods loaded with preservative has been shown to contribute to brain inflammation.
  2.  Stress: Stress plays a role in many medical conditions, such as heart disease, and may actually cause long-term damage to your brain. Research has linked stress to memory loss, depression and other brain disorders.
  3. Environmental Toxins: These can cause a variety of health problems. For example:  pesticides on plants, air pollution from automobile exhausts, BPA in plastics, and many other environmental toxins can cause neurological inflammation.
  4. Chronically Low Levels of Essential Brain-Boosting Nutrients: Research has pinpointed the nutrients (in Vitaae listed above) that are critical in supporting cognitive function and preventing or healing brain inflammation. Unfortunately, they are the ones that are deficient in most people.
Common Food Sources of:
CoQ10 (there are many more as well):
      • Chicken liver
      • Cage-free eggs
      • Grass-fed beef
      • Sardines
      • Broccoli
      • Cauliflower
      • ​​​​​​​Oranges
      • Strawberries

L-Carnitine (present in many foods; ​​​​​​​here are a few of the best sources):   

      • Chicken breast  
      • Ground beef  
      • Cod  
      • Asparagus  
      • Cheddar cheese

 Carnitine has special properties that make it superior to most other amino acids. For instance, it is the only molecule in our cells that can transport fatty acids into the mitochondria to be used for energy. That is, it bring fuel into your cells; supplementing with carnitine is an effective way to burn fat.

See also my articles:

Brain Regeneration: Broccoli and other Crucifers

See an article from Green Med Info, on sulfurophane‘s ability to stimulate brain regeneration: Also, the myrosinase enzyme is essential to creating sulfurophane in these veggies. See my notes on Cancer Prevention: Broccoli and other Crucifers, below

Breakfast – the worst and best foods/supplements for morning meal:

(from video sales pitch for “Morning Complete” powdered supplement mix from “Activated You”). My notes from video, follow. I saved list of supplement ingredients (jpg file, right) as HEALTH-NUTRITION > SUPPLEMENTS-About / MorningComplete ingredients.jpg)

He notes that you should have bowel movements (BMs) 3 – 4 times/day.

Four Bad-For-You Breakfast foods (especially at beginning of day):

  1. Bacon & eggs, etc.
  2. Commercial breakfast shakes, especially those with soy
  3. Boxed/packaged cereals
  4. Orange juice

Best for first meal of the day: 

  1. Prebiotics to support the good microbes in your gut. They have profound effect on the brain; lack of them leads to fatigue through poor digestion. Don’t feed the bad bugs first; instead give the good bugs what they need to thrive.
  2. Probiotics, esp B. coagulans
  3. Energy nutrients: root veggies and leafy greens

Cat’s conclusions: This is probably a good supplement to take (in water) instead of breakfast, but it is expensive. However, it contains berberine (which I take, but not every day, because taking it every day will result in your body no longer responding to berberine), and it doesn’t contain much protein, which I need to avoid hypoglycemia. I get many of the needed foods & extracts from my smoothie (which includes prebiotic powder,  Mercola Greens (contains root and leafy veggies, green tea leaf extract; also mushrooms), and fermented beet-root. 


Cancer: 20 Questions to Ask your Oncologist

FromChris Wark. Link on SQUARE ONE, includes 3-min video. The questions are in groups: Diagnosis, Treatment, Curative, Palliative, Diet, Testing, References, Money, and Final Questions. See also:

Cancer Treatment: Things to Consider

This list is from an email by Steve of (in Bozeman MT), concerning breast cancer, but most of it applies to any type of cancer. He prefaced this with a disclaimer: “this isn’t medical advice, and I’m not a Doctor. This is what I’d personally be trying if I was facing Cancer and the same statistics I mentioned above.” [I’ve added my notes in brackets and red color.]

  • I’d follow a Keto Diet or at least a very low carbohydrate, all organic, real food diet [I agree]
  • If body weight and ability allows, I would do a 3-10 day water fast once a month (or before treatments)[Because of my hypoglycemia, I can’t do a water fast, but I would do a 3-5 day veggie juice fast (from Wellness Education Center in Kalispell MT).]
  • I’d likely go forward with the recommended radiation (depending on location and situation)[I would not do this – radiation causes cancer, and I’ve had too much accumulative radiation in my life-span.]
  • I personally wouldn’t do any type of chemotherapy. [I agree]
  • In many of +/- combos of breast cancer, estrogen blocking drugs are usually given. This is a highly debatable treatment. The science on these drugs are terrible and the side effects of shutting off all estrogen in a woman’s body is gnarly. Please do your own research on this. Read the book “Estrogen Matters.” It’s a highly individual decision, but there’s a case to be made to go on something like “The Wiley Protocol” using higher estrogen… or simply not doing the estrogen drugs to begin with. [I would do my research and consult my naturopath before messing with estrogen.]
  • I would get high dose Vitamin C IV treatments [I agree]
  • I would take Curumin daily in the amount of 1500mg-3000mg [I agree, but not sure I could take that much without developing a food sensitivity]
  • I would take Bromelain daily in the amount of 500-1000mg [I’d have to look into this]
  • I would take Modified Citrus Pectin daily in the amount of 20 grams [I agree, but not sure I could take that much without developing a food sensitivity]
  • I would undergo 3-8 guided therapy sessions with MDMA or Psilocybin or Ketamine [not sure about this-I’d need to do research on this.]
  • I would do Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments daily (if possible)[I agree, if available in my community]
  • If overweight or insulin resistant, I would take Metformin [I do have insulin resistance but will not take Metformin; I’d seek advice from my naturopath.]
  • I would take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) before bed [I agree]
  • I would start start AcetoCare right away. These basic studies abroad show amazing results. [I would consider this – I’m not familiar with it.]

Cancer Prevention: Broccoli and other Crucifers

The following notes are from an article on Green Med Info (, written by their research group. See the article for more detail. See also: Top 10 Reasons to Eat your Cruciferous Veggies (

  • It takes only “3 – 5 servings per week of [cruciferous veggies] to obtain cancer-prevention benefits;”
  • They have “been shown to kill the stem cells that make cancer immortal;”
  • All crucifers contain an anti-cancer compound called sulfurophane; sprouting their seeds produces even more of this important substance.
  • They contain a live [active] enzyme called myrosinase that is needed to produce sulfurophane. Unfortunately, myrosinase is inactivated if the crucifer is cooked too long. It is set if steamed or braised only 2 – 4 minutes. Don’t overcook! Or eat raw broccoli sprouts. If you eat powdered versions of these veggies, make sure they have been processed and dried in a way to contain the active enzyme.

In the same newsletter from Green Med Info is another broccoli article, on sulfurophane’s ability to stimulate brain regeneration:

Cancer-killing plant family:

Wormwood and mugwort are 2 members of the large Artemisia family, and both are known to be effective cancer-killers, according to article by Lee Euler, based on research: Common Garden Plant Doubles as Cancer Killer. I suspect all members of the artemesia family probably have anti-cancer action, because all produce artemisinin.  His references:

  1. Lai, H. and Singh, N.P. Selective toxicity of dihydroartemisinin and holotransferrin toward human breast cancer cells. Life Sciences, 70:49-56,2001
  2. Harrill, R. 2001, Nov. 26. Ancient Chinese folk remedy may hold key to non-toxic cancer treatment. University of Washington. Retrieved June 8, 2010 from
  3. Lai, H. and Singh, N.P. Selective cancer cell cytoxicity from exposure in dihydroartemisinin and holotransferrin, Cancer Letters, 91:41-46, 1995
  4. Singh, N.P. and Verma, K.B. Case report of a laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma treated with artesunate. Archive of Oncology 2002;10(4):279-80. Retrieved June 8, 2010 from

Cancer-killing mineral

Called “clarion-55” in an article by Dr. Allen Spreen, but I don’t know what that is, so I’m searching the web. Lee Euler talks about:

  • “Iodoral” which is a combination of iodine (the element) and iodide (the salt form as potassium iodide) in just the right amount to kill cancer cells; he recommends 12.5 mg dose for a short period of time – when you are diagnosed (not something to take daily for the long term); and
  • “Lugols”, a mix of iodine (element) and potassium iodide (salt), but doesn’t give the dosage. 1 drop of 10% solution provides 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide for total of 12.5 mg dose per lugols chart. My  bottle of Lugols doesn’t indicate the percentage; I need to call Evergreen Pharmacy. See Amazon for several bottle sizes of Iodoral in the 12.5 mg dose; for example, ASIN B079V2PWFS.

See  also Heal Yourself at Home article about cancer treatment with iodine

Cancer: Its True Cause and Treatment (hidden since WWII) – The Warburg Method

From Dr Richard Gerhauser; a sales pitch for the book, The Secrets of Underground Medicine by Brad Lemley, which includes a section on the Warburg Method. See video or transcript . [I saved transcript as a pdf: TrueCauseCancer-DrWarburg.pdf]. However, while the video offers the book for free, along with 2 other gifts, you have to pay $74 for a 1-year subscription to Natural Health Response daily email newsletters). You can buy the book on Amazon for $195 (ASIN B073RNTTBY).

Dr Warberg, one of Hitler’s doctors, discovered the cause and the treatment. All cancer starts with mitochondrial dysfunction – they burn only sugar, which leads to cancer. When the body tells such cells to self-destruct, they cannot do that because self-destruction requires properly functioning mitochondria. A deadly circle. The cure involves cutting off the fuel supply (sugar) to the cancer cells. No pharmaceuticals are needed to do this. The cure is not disclosed in the video.

Video also discusses simple cures for:

  • Type-2 diabetes, with a simple “eating trick;”
  • Arthritic joint pain (also included in the book): CLG9 that regrows the healthy cartilage that cushions your joints, so the pain goes away.
  • and more.

Cannabis and Cancer:

(from Mercola). “CBD and THC together appears more effective against cancer than either of them in isolation. The sequence of administration also matters; when administered after chemotherapy, it induced greater apoptosis (cell death) than when administered prior to chemo.” 


Text moved to “Eyesight,” below.

Chlorella for detox:

(from Mercola; sorry, lost the link) Often used for detox (especially heavy metal detox), but has many other good properties, such as supporting the immune system. Broken cell-wall is the only way its nutrients can be absorbed, but how the walls are broken is important.

Start with small dose (500 mg or less) and work up to 2.5 grams/day for most, but 4 grams is the upper limit. The brand I use (iherb SNS-01528) has 3 g per teaspoon of the powder; however, it doesn’t indicate that it is broken cell-wall. GFC-20418 does have broken cell wall and also provides 3 grams/tsp.

Circadian Rhythm

(from Dr. Mercola: Includes:

  • How circadian Rhythm is under genetic control, affecting hormone levels and many other factors at the cellular level; 
  • Effect of chronic sleep disruption; melatonin production and sleep disorders; and 
  • Importance of meal timing (intermittent fasting).

Coffee’s Benefits, especially on the Liver:


However, while coffee has many benefits, primarily due to the antioxidants in coffee beans, it “can have downsides for some people that are sensitive to caffeine or have adrenal fatigue though, so not everyone reacts the same.” (from a Jeff Hayes newsletter that included the above link to the Nutrition Watchdog article.


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