Settings for Hunter Underground Sprinkler System

By Catherine Haug, July 2022

This system was installed in 2002, and I was able to set-up sprinkler stations settings (total of 7 stations). But for some reason this year (2022) I got confused. … well, I am getting up there in years, so have some brain fog. So I contacted the manufacture’s support group to help me. Their “Support” page – has links to different support topics: Hunter Industries Support.

YEs, I realize this has nothing to do with recipes and making meals, but I didn’t know where else to put this information.

The Problem and The Fix for my Underground Sprinkler System Settings

My main problem was that the first thing you do is set-up start times. I thought that would be for each station (I have 7 stations), but I was wrong. For each Program (has specific sprinkle-days), you can enter up to 4 different start times, but generally you only need one start time (for the first station to turn on, and then the following stations automatically start after the previous one finished, so a new start-time entry is not needed unless the next start time is different than the end of the previous start time.

Since the station numbers are not part of the start-times, per se., they are instead part of the Program system.

There are 3 programs: a, b and c. each program has the same days to sprinkle for each station in the program. So if you want some of your station to start on Monday, and some others to start on Tuesday, you need at least 2 programs.

My Schedule settings for July 2022:

Program A: 

Days in program A: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Start times by schedule:

  • #1: 2:30 AM (for stations 1-5)
  • #2: OFF
  • #3: OFF
  • #4: OFF

Run Times by station:

  • station #1: 20 min (mild shade)
  • station #2: 30 min (little shade)
  • station #3: 25 min (very shady)
  • station #4: 25 min (little shade)
  • station #5: 25 min (mild shade)
  • station #s 6 – 9 are blank

Program B

Days in program B: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Start times by schedule:

  • #1: 3:30 AM (for stations 6-7)
  • #2: OFF
  • #3: OFF
  • #4: OFF

Run Times by station:

  • station #s 1-5 are blank
  • station #6: 25 min (for fruit and raspberry bed)
  • station #7: 25 min (for old raised garden bed)
  • station #s 8-9 are blank

Support Links (Hunter Industries):

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