Magnesium Chloride, Nano-Particle Supplement

By Catherine Haug, August 2022

In my article Minerals: Magnesium (About) I discuss why magnesium is so important, foods that are high in magnesium, and supplemental forms of magnesium. In this article, I discuss a new form I just learned about: Nano Magnesium Chloride.

It is available in capsule or liquid form, and is called “Upgraded Magnesium” (from Upgraded Formulas). Read on for more about this supplement, as I experiment with it.

Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) Nano-particle Supplement

This commercial supplement product is called “Upgraded Magnesium,” from Upgraded Formulas (1). Its nano-particle form is especially tiny particles, which potentially gives it more energy, and also allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier. It comes in 2 forms:

  • capsule (1a), which provides 117 mg magnesium/capsule; or
  • liquid (1b), which provides 100 mg/dropper-full.
  • [I note that my 80% Mag chloride liquid provides about 95 mg magnesium per dropperful – very similar to this new product.]

The liquid form also includes 3 “other ingredients:”

  • Purified water,
  • Sorbic acid (a preservative also known as 2,4-hexadienoic acid) (3), and
  • Fulvic acid (a component of humus, that “is created by gradual decomposition of certain plants and animals by the action of microorganisms”). (2)


I would consider trying their liquid form (to replace the 80% magnesium chloride solution I’m currently taking); but I need to do more research on the “nano-particle” idea. Also, it is a lot more expensive than my 80% solution.  As of 8/10/22, the nano-version  costs:

  • $39 for 1-time purchase on their website (1b), 60 droppers-full (30 days at full dose, or 60 days at half-dose) on the company’s website; or
  • $33 for subscription (1 bottle every 30 days) on their website (1b); or
  • $42 on Amazon (ASIN B08KRYX8TR – that’s a zero after the first B) as of 8/11/22.

Compare this with cost of my MgCl2 80% solution from my local compounding pharmacy, at dosage of 1-dropper-ful 3-times daily:

  • $45 for 2.5 months or 75 days (as of last purchase 6/1/22), or $18 for 30 days. Thus my 80% solution costs much less than the nano solution.

Dosage (for nano MgCl2)

Recommended dosage of the nano liquid form is 2 droppers-full in a single dose per day (200 mg magnesium/day); best taken on an empty stomach (before a meal or bedtime if at least 3 hours after the last meal). I note that a full 1 ml dropper provides 20 drops (6).

IF I decide to try this:

My preference would be to separate this total into two separate 1-dropperfull doses (more similar to how I currently take the 80% solution). But I want to start with half-dosage to be sure I don’t develop a food sensitivity to it (I currently have a food sensitivity – at cellular level – to the 80% solution form); then slowly increase to full dose, as follows:

    • Start with 1 dropper-ful (100 mg magnesium), once daily before breakfast (in 8-10 oz filtered water) for 2 – 4 weeks; OR do half dropper-full (10 drops) twice daily (before breakfast, and before bedtime).
    • Then slowly increase to full-dose as 1 dropper-full, 2-times daily (before breakfast and before bedtime), to ensure I don’t develop a food sensitivity to it.

As I experiment with this product, I will add my notes and discoveries here.

Notes, Discoveries

  • 8/12/22: sent email to Upgraded Formulas, for more info about the molecular structure of the MgCl2 nano particles in their liquid version (dropper-bottle); that is, does their form also have the 6 water molecules attached to each mag-chloride molecule?. As of 8/18/22, I’ve not yet gotten a reply.
  • See also ScienceDirect article (7) and Springer Link article (8).


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