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Homemade Gyro Meat and Gyros (Sandwich)

By Cat, April 2020 (photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) Gyro is one of my favorite Greek foods, but I’ve never made one for myself. Upon seeing this recipe online (1) I’ve decided I have to try making one! But first… … Continue reading

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Grilled garam masala seasoned chicken, with veggies & naan/pita

By Cat, May 2010 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) See also: 1. Chicken Vindaloo; 2. Chicken Tandoori; 3. Herbs & Spices: Curries; 4. Pita; 5. Naan I received a nice outdoor gas grill as my retirement gift, but I don’t yet have a deck or patio to … Continue reading

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Greek Salad Pita Sandwich

by Cat, Aug 2008  (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) See also: 1. Horiatiki (Greek Village Salad and Dressing); 2. Simple Tapenade This salad uses the Greek Village Salad to make a sandwich in Pita bread. The tapenade is a nice touch.

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