Heavy Metal Toxicity (Overview)

By Cat, April 2022 (originally from old iWeb site, July-Aug 2007)

What’s a Heavy Metal?

No, I don’t mean a type of rock music!

Heavy metals are a class of minerals with a high molecular weight, and typically fall in the middle section of a periodic table. Some are essential (up to certain levels) for specific enzymatic activity in our bodies, such as copper, zinc, selenium and iron, but can be toxic above trace levels. Some require proper balance, such as zinc and copper require a balance of 15:8 (zinc-to-copper).

Iron is toxic in the blood if not bound by hemoglobin.  Other heavy metals, the so called toxic heavy metals, (such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and radium) are toxic at any level.

Read on for more.

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Fasting to Reduce Insulin Resistance & Type-2 Diabetes

By Cat, Feb 25, 2022

I’ve had insulin resistance since my early 20s (1970s). Back then, no one knew how to treat it, but I’ve since learned to minimize my sugar intake, and eat a good, healthy diet. I’ve been 100% off sugar (other than that naturally in fresh Organic fruits) since 2015. And I started taking Myo-Inositol (a B-vitamin) which stabilizes and improves the health of cell membranes, restoring insulin receptors.

I also started doing a bi-annual Veggie Juice Fast, at Kalispell’s WEC, or Wellness Education Center. The name has since been changed to Glacier Juice and Wellness, but they still do juice fasts. Now Mercola has a very interesting article on fasting to reduce Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes (far more healthful than taking the big-pharma drugs for this disease). Read on for his “Story At-A-Glance” (Summary Notes).

Now Mercola has a very interesting article on how fasting can reduce insulin resistance

See also: 1. Diet and Health Menu and scroll down to Insulin Resistance (IR), High Blood Sugar, and Metabolic Syndrome section for multiple articles on Insulin Resistance. Continue reading

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Savory Chicken Tray-Bake

Feb 23, 2022; photo, right, from Wikipedia


I’ve adapted this recipe from one in our local newspaper, the Daily Interlake, in Kalispell MT, Feb 23, 2022 edition. The writer did not provide the source of the recipe.

Chicken breasts or thighs (bone-in, skin-on) are baked on a tray, flavored with fennel and coriander (in addition to salt and pepper); then a light sauce is made using the drippings, juice from a lemon, and olive oil, then garnished with fresh tarragon. Just reading the recipe made my mouth water.

However, I would prefer to use my 12-inch cast iron skillet rather than a tray (rimmed baking sheet), and I definitely would not use an aluminum baking sheet.  Conclusion after 2/25/22 testing: YES! using my cast iron skillet worked great, and was easier and safer to heat the drippings on the stove-top than using a tray.

See also: 1. Poultry/Fowl Menu; 2. Herbs & Spices (About) Continue reading

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Notes from “Cleanse Your Liver Now” ebook by Dr. Jockers

By Cat, 2021

I’ve moved this from my original Notes About the Liver and Liver Cleanse article Liver (About): Notes. The main focus of the ebook is about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and how to treat it to improve liver health.

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Notes on Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases: Nutrition: Specific Foods, Herbs, Spices

By Cat, 2021

The bulk of the information on this page is from Lee Euler of Awakening From Alzheimer’s, via email. If the item doesn’t list a different source, it is from Lee.

The original post, “Nutrition: Foods and Supplements,” was getting too long, so I’ve broken it down into separate posts. This one is about “Specific Foods, including Herbs and Spices.”  See the “reorganized” links, below.

Also, check out a 72 minute video: “Alzheimer’s Reversal is Real,” with Dr. Bredensen: youtube.com/watch?v=r1dXGLyu1gM&t=13s or drperlmutter.com/alzheimers-reversal-is-real/.

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Stir-Fry Beef and Vegetables

By Cat, 10/27/21; image right from Wikimedia

US Beef Cuts

I have about ¾ lb of stir-fry beef sirloin in my freezer (purchased in 2018) that I need to use up, so I decided to try this recipe from food.com (1). But I’ve made some minor changes  for my own preferences. 

This is best served on rice. My preference is wild rice because white and brown rice are likely contaminated with arsenic – even Organic. My favorite way to prepare wild rice the recipe in the See also section, below.

See also: 1. Beef, Venison, Buffalo and Yak Menu; 2. Wild Rice: Steamed, Long-Cooked Method (second recipe on linked page) Continue reading

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mTOR: My Notes from “The CEO of Aging” video

Oct 12, 2021

Last night I watched an 82 minute video about The CEO of Aging, with Dr Ron Rosedale. I’ve known about the mTOR pathway for a few years (from Dr. Mercola’s articles), but I’ve never really understood what it is all about. So I was excited to see this video, tho I was a bit disappointed at the high speed of the conversation between Dr Ron and Stefan Apostolov (host,) which made it hard to keep up while taking notes.

mTOR stands for “mammalian Target of Rapamycin;” it is a protein that controls cell growth and metabolism in response to nutrients, growth factors, cellular energy, and stress. The mTOR gene provides the instructions to make the mTOR protein.

The mTOR pathway is a central regulator of mammalian metabolism and physiology.”

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Top 26 Herbal Supplements You’re Not Taking

This list is from an ebook by Jason Prall (awakenedcollective.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Top-26-Herbs-ebook_9-23-21.pdf). See his eBook (pdf) for the benefits of each herb; for some, I’ve added benefits of interest to me, in parenthesis. I may add more information about each, as I learn more.

I’ve saved my copy: HEALTH-NUTRITION / 2 PODCASTS-ARTICLES / eBooks > Herbs-Top26-ebook_092321.pdf

  1. Triphala [I’ve been taking this for years]
  2. Neem
  3. Cascara Sagrada [I’ve taken this on/off over the years]
  4. Cats Claw
  5. Pacific Yew
  6. Hyssop
  7. Noni
  8. Soursop/Granviola
  9. Nettle
  10. Guduchi
  11. Guggul
  12. Gotu Kola (for memory and more)
  13. Ashwagandha (Adaptogen) [I take this for anxiety issues]
  14. Manjistha
  15. Kutki
  16. Shatavari (for liver and more)
  17. Tulsi [Adaptogen; I drink Tulsi tea off and on]
  18. Ajwain
  19. Cardamom [my fav spice]
  20. Fenugreek seed [balance blood sugar and more; I’ve added it to my daily smoothie, on and off over the years]
  21. Cumin [another spice I use frequently]
  22. Coriander seed [another spice I use frequently]
  23. Fennel seed [another spice I use frequently]
  24. He Shou Wu
  25. Rehmannia root
  26. Valerian root (for anxiety)

Here are some other supplements that many do not take:

  1. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) from ChrisBeatCancer (chrisbeatcancer.com/vitamin-d-the-1-anti-cancer-vitamin/). I have an allergy to the sun’s rays, so I get my vitamin D from supplemental Vitamin D3, and from Blue Ice’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil, which is rich in both vitamins A and D.
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Notes about the Liver and Liver Cleanse

By Cat, beginning Feb 2018; moved from Notes: J-P on 9/27/21

Your liver’s biggest job is to keep your blood clean; it also plays a role in helping your body store, metabolize and digest nutrients; produces bile; plays an important role in regulating and balancing hormones; and converts excess blood sugar into storage fat (this has good and bad consequences). See Natural Liver Cleansing Diet site’s article on Where is your Liver, and What is the Function of the Liver for many other important functions.

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Barbecue Sauce with Bourbon and Moroccan Spices

By Cat, July 2021

I found this amazing recipe in our local Daily Inter Lake newspaper (7/7/21) and decided I just had to give it a try – with a few changes.

See also: 1. Accompaniments: Sauces & Gravies Menu; 2. Homemade, Fermented Catsup/Ketchup 

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