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Spiced Banana Bread with Coconut Flour, Gluten-free

By Cat, March 29. 2018 (photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) I love banana bread and don’t have a problem with gluten, but this recipe sounds so good with nutmeg and cardamom spices, I decided I would give it a try … Continue reading

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Ice Cream: Fruit or Berry in Custard Base

By Cat, Jun 2008 (Photo, right, from Cooking.com (1)) See also: 1. Puddings & Frozen Desserts Menu; 2. Ice Cream Basics; 3. Crème Anglaise (Stove-Top Custard Sauce) Includes: 1. Berry Ice Cream; 4. Peach Ice Cream; 5. Lemon Ice Cream Today’s commercial ice cream is nothing … Continue reading

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Baking Soda vs Baking powder, Part 1

By Cat, Nov 2014 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) Baking soda and baking powder are leavening agents for quick-breads, muffins, cakes, and cookies. But what is the difference between them? How do you know which to use and how much … Continue reading

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Non-Flour Starches & Other Thickeners

by Cat, Jan 2008 (Photo from Bob’s Red Mill (15)) There are times when you don’t want to use flour to thicken a fine sauce or pudding. Read on for information on the most common thickeners. See also Flours & … Continue reading

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Flours & Starches: Gluten Free

by Cat, Jan 2008 Flour is a very basic ingredient in almost all baked goods.  The most common flour is made from wheat, but it can be made from many other grains, and also from nuts and legumes.  Flour is … Continue reading

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