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Potatoes Dauphinoise (au Gratin)

by Cat, Nov 2011 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons) Gratin is a very old dish, dating before the time when potatoes were introduced to Europe. In America, we are most familiar with potatoes in this dish. It makes a great presentation … Continue reading

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How to Cook Beets

by Cat, Dec 2010 (photo from Wikimedia Commons)  Beets can be eaten raw (juiced, or finely shredded), and are especially good fermented (pickled beets).  But they can also be cooked. There are two good ways to cook beets: roasting or simmering; but … Continue reading

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Borscht – Eastern European Beet Soup

by Cat, Oct 2008 (photo from Wikimedia Commons)  Even though we ate a lot of beets when I was a child, I’d never had borscht, until I was in my 20s.  The story of that first borscht is one of my … Continue reading

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Fava Beans (About)

by Cat, Aug 2010 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons (3)) Includes: 1.  Fava Basics (1a. Shelling & skinning fresh favas; 1b. Skinning dried favas; 1c. Sprouting favas); 2. Basic cooked dried favas See also: 1. Beans & Other Legumes: Soaking & Sprouting; 2. Vegetarian & Bean Menu; 3.  Sautéed Fresh Favas; Other sites: 4. Emily … Continue reading

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Basic cooked kasha

by Cat, Nov 2011 (photo from SproutPeople.org) See also: Buckwheat & Kasha (About); and Kasha Porridge, Kasha pilaf This article includes: Basic Cooked Buckwheat or Kasha Polish Cooked Buckwheat or Kasha On this site, I refer to ‘buckwheat’ when I mean the raw grain (not … Continue reading

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